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Unspoken Desire into Reality
By EMMA SMITH 2,636 views

Feelings – God turns your Unspoken Desire into Reality

Umrah is a spiritual pilgrimage performed by Muslims across the globe. It is also known as a Minor pilgrimage that can be performed anytime in a year. It is indeed a divinely planned journey that is undertaken by the chosen people of Allah Almighty. What I believe is Allah invokes those whom he wants to meet at his holy abode.

“Pray wholeheartedly to Allah and at least be desirous of stepping into His majesty’s majestic house” this used to be my mother’s statement for us. She believed that no matter what sort of financial physical or psychological state we are living in, we must have a staunch belief in Allah Almighty. We must pray optimistically to him keeping in mind that he is “Al-Wahab” “Al-Giver”. He can bless you with the best of the best. This ultimate divine truth is what I experienced during my Umrah in Ramazan. Whenever I recall my story of miraculous Umrah journey, my heart gets brimmed with utmost contention and happiness.

Significance of Umrah in Ramzan

The significance of this holiest month of Ramadan is truly indescribable. This month is the name of blessings showered by Allah from the beginning till the end. The fruition of any or every good deed is multiplied and multiplied during this month. Therefore, all the God-fearing Muslims across the globe flock towards the Mecca’s charismatic Holy Kaaba in the holiest month of Ramadan. It is the best time for performing Umrah. Because Umrah during Ramadan is equal to Haj.

Ramadan Umrah is Difficult

Although Ramadan Umrah is a matter of great serendipity. However, it’s an extremely arduous physical and mental task. Furthermore, several Muslims cannot make up for this spiritual opportunity. There are a great hustle and bustle of millions of pilgrims in KSA and the cost of stay and accommodation is skyrocketed. And the travel companies are too busy to talk and provide facilities for future pilgrims. Therefore, you need smart planning if you want to avail of this sacred month for Umrah. In this regard, my own Umrah story would inspire you for sure that how did I get this golden spiritual opportunity.

I Always had an immense desire to eye the Kaaba

I am a sinful person but I am grateful to Allah that he had blessed my parents with this splendid journey in my teenage. However, I could not accompany them. But I have always been desirous to feast my eyes with the majestic view of Charismatic Holy place. I used to listen to the awe-inspiring Umrah experience of my parents. My mother directed me to pray to Allah and keep my heart excited for his love and devotion and Insha-Allah, one day my name would surely be among his chosen people. Time passed, and I got married to a courteous person Alhamdulilah.

I was not Intended to go for Umrah

3 months before Ramadan, I and my husband decided to have a quality Eid-Trip in Turkey for being at a safe Muslim Friendly holiday destination. While scrolling down for the best Muslim-friendly destinations, I came across Saudi Arabia. Suddenly an idea clicked into my mind that “why don’t we go for Umrah this Ramadan?” I don’t know myself how did this divine thought choose my mind to enter. But I regard this divine thought as a Gift from Allah. Umrah in Ramadan

Saudi Arabia More than Muslim Friendly Place

I talked to my husband and asked him what he thinks if we both go for Umrah this Ramadan and nothing is the best option for us this time than Saudi Arabia. It was more than a wonderful idea and it was not difficult for me to convince him.

Umrah in Ramadan a Journey of Great Serendipity

I know it quite well that Umrah in Ramadan is expensive and hard to embark on. However, anything is possible if Allah wills.  I and my husband were contemplating the blessings of Umrah in Ramadan. So finally we decided to give it a go. I was a sort of triply happy and excited. As it was my maiden ( very first) Umrah, secondly it was in Ramadan and thirdly I was accompanied by my spouse on our first Eid trip after marriage. So my feelings were ineffable. When I stepped into this majestic holy spot I was truly mesmerized by the grandeur and charisma of the Kaaba. Because my eyes went straight into that Black building. I could not stop the tears of happiness, excitement, and gratitude for Allah who finally answered to my every time desire for Umrah in the best way

Consult A Reliable and Authorized Travel Company

Umrah in Ramadan is indeed difficult as the accommodation and flights are really expensive. However, you can still grab this golden spiritual opportunity in this holiest month of Ramadan. For this, it is highly recommended to plan your Umrah journey early and then consult the best travel agencies who provide you with the best services during the Umrah. This is what my husband did. Get everything booked early including hotels, flights, and transports. The early or bookings are cheaper before Ramadan. I had an everlastingly memorable Umrah with my husband. But if you have kids then you have to manage your journey with patience because Kaaba is usually overcrowded in Ramadan.

Emma Smith

Emma Smith is a travel lover and blogger. She writes about her experiences in different travel destinations around the world. Here, she is sharing her amazing personal and professional travel experiences in witty, informal, and honest blog posts.