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gojek clone
By JENNIFER DULOS 3,481 views

How Gojek Clone App is The Best Choice For On-Demand Services

The market for on-demand services is increasing. Through a multi-service gojek clone app that facilitates on-demand services, the users are benefited by availing all their required services from a single app.  

Today technologies provide multiple opportunities to flourish in the global market. Businesses adopt new strategies to gear up their productivity. And this decade is on the verge of promoting new startups, dropped with the invasion of viruses. Yet, the online mode gave a briefing space for businesses to explore.  

It was the on-demand services that took its feet upwards, especially amidst the lockdown crisis. Its activities bloom with the invasion of on-demand service apps like Gojek and others. 

Are you not sure what On-demand services are? This article lets us know what they are and how multi-service apps like Gojek are benefiting these businesses. 

So let’s get started!

What are on-demand services?

And in this fast-moving world, there is no time to take care of all the households. In the day to day need, to satisfy our living, we require a few things. To facilitate all these services, including home services and on-demand services like a taxi ride, pharmacy delivery, grocery delivery, food delivery, and other services. 

Once combined in a single platform, all these services are effective functionally, which we all require. With the boom of mobile apps, configuring all of these into a single app that is efficient to transmit all the services in a well-composed manner can be a great solution. 

Apps like Gojek facilitate these multi-services from food delivery to taxi, cleaning service, babysitting, and a lot more. Nearly these apps can enable 30+ services in a single interface. The users are facilitated with multiple benefits in an app that eliminates the need for having different apps and extensive contacts to avail of other services.  

What businesses are included under on-demand service 

1. Taxi Business –

The most needed service during this time. Entrepreneurs have an enormous opportunity in terms of their business. As long as the people choose private transport, the need for cab services does exist in all parts of the world. This is a pocket-friendly service that can now be conveniently availed through online apps in 1 or 2 minutes. Incorporating improved and exclusive features into your app based on the need and requirements of the audience has wider chances to progress. 

2. Grocery and food delivery –

To facilitate working households and ensure safety during this pandemic, delivery apps for grocery and food were improved with high-end solutions meeting the requirements of the situation. These apps ensure doorstep delivery with a no-contact facility. By bringing in various restaurant cafes, including vendors from the local and national market. 

3. Pharmacy delivery –

Medical supplies during this situation were demanding, and supply couldn’t meet the demand. The user, through these apps, can conveniently upload their prescriptions, and the vendor accepts the order and delivers it to the users in the estimated time. 

4. Online Doctor Consultation –

Here, the app brings together the patients and doctors to get advice, counseling, and consultation. This reduces the waiting time. Based on the scheduled time, the patient can get in touch with the doctor virtually through their convenient mode of communication.

5. Home services –

Through the app, the user can avail of any home service, from cleaning, washing, laundry, carpeting, electrician, babysitting, event organizing, and anything at their convenience. All these services can be scheduled and available at the user’s doorstep. 

The app’s most useful feature is that, despite having multiple payment options, the refund money once transmitted to the app can be flexibly used while availing of any other service. When the user receives a refund for canceling a taxi, that can be used when purchasing groceries and not wait until they book the next cab. 

Points to be noted while listing on-demand services in your app

  • Based on the nature of the users in the locality, analyzing their needs and requirements is mandatory. 
  • Surge pricing must be qualitative, and random price hikes will not be welcomed.
  • Based on the requirements, listing the service will be an effective idea. Say your region is famous for tourism, offering hotels and tourism-based services will boost the app, but this strategy cannot be used when it’s not a tourist place. 

Multi-Service Business facilitated just in a click

To take an increasing shift in your business, enabling it with on-demand apps like Gojek. With more customer-centric features and strategies, it has many advantages and increases the demand for your business and the nifty app. 

Apps like Gojek are designed to offer a user-friendly interface that aids the users in navigating through its luxurious facilities easily. Through these apps, the business runs on and on. 24 x 7 customer service and there are no time restrictions for users to make orders. 

Significance of On-Demand Apps in the Multi-service business

  1. On-demand apps are attracting more than a 22million users around the world every year. 
  2. By 2021, the app is expected to cross $335 billion in the U.S. 
  3. These apps experienced a great demand amidst the pandemic and lockdown and gained a total income of $400 billion in the U.S.
  4. More than 65% of users are willing to pay extra to avail of on-demand service.

Final Verdict

The Startups and entrepreneurs’ multi-services businesses are gaining global attention sooner through on-demand apps like Gojek. These apps came like a savior in the business world. Despite the crisis, these businesses have flourished with increasing users. 

This initiated increased Entrepreneurs to develop their Gojek clone app to facilitate their service online. If you have similar ideas and great business strategies, get to build your multi-service app with a reputed On-demand app developing company. And get to spree the global market. 

jennifer dulos

Business Manager