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Power-Packed Tips to Write A Good Blog Post

Do you have a blog or website but it does not generate as much traffic as you want? Do you wish to know how to attract your target audience and have content that generates revenue for you? How disheartening it is when people check your blog post but do not read it. Sometimes, your followers do not click on it when you share the content on social media platforms.

Hence, Samuel Nathan Kahn, a professional writer who has worked in the UK for 7 years in the publishing sector, gave power-packed tips to write good blog posts.

Know your audience

The major step before you start penning down your blog post is knowing your audience. Conduct research on your audience, their needs, and the environment around you. Do not make the mistake of guessing what your readers need. Analyze your competitors and do market research on the topic chosen. The simplest way of getting the knowledge you need about your audience is by using Analytics tools or survey tools. An example is Google Analytics for writing content on blogs which is highly recommend by Samuel Kahn. Google Analytics has an integrated title analyzing tool that is at the top of the post.

Select an engaging topic, write an overview, make proper research, and verify the information you got from your research. 

Creative Headlines

Captivate your audience with creative headlines that can attract your audience to click and read. The first thing people see in the great content is the title. It determines whether they should read further or stop reading the blog post. Hence, a catchy title is essential for the success of your blog. A stimulating headline entices your readers to read and share the content. You can write the content part by part or in a single write-up. It depends on your audience.

Add Images

Add stunning images to enrich your post, make it fun, improve the word flow and simplify the content. Our brain has been designed to comprehend visuals or images quicker than non-visual text content. A stunning image increases your website and blog engagement. Look for unrestricted free of copyright issue images but the best is to capture your image yourself. You can create images using image creation applications and software. Photos from resources are useful when it is for emergency use but it doesn’t have that personal touch.

Check out errors

Check your post for errors and repetition before you upload it. Avoid incorrect flow of words. You can seek the help of a friend to read the content out loud and give you feedback. Long paragraphs and sentences turn people off. Be flexible and adaptable.

Go for Highlights

Highlight your best content to draw the attention of the audience, says Samuel Kahn. Most people have a short attention span and they would probably quickly scan through long posts. Use bullet points to list the information.

Check out some tips for writing bullet lists:

  • Balance your bullet lists. Two to three lines are good enough.
  • Let the points be clear and concise.
  • Paragraphs should not be in the bullet list because they resemble the content titles.
  • Do not jumble the bullet lists together.

Your content title, body and conclusion should be easy to read, concluded Sam Kahn, commonly known as Sam Kahn Manchester. Through the processes look at the tips above that will make your content more practical. You will feel that your content flows artistically and gives your audience a clear picture of your content. Emphasize the point you want to cross but make sure it’s not too high.

Samuel Nathan Kahn

Samuel Nathan Kahn is a well known writer, publisher in UK working in the field for 7 years. He had worked so well in the field and earned a lot of followers.