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You do not need to buy a hugely expensive, space-hogging tower to play ‘A star’ gaming releases. In recent years, gaming laptops have been evolving to cope with demanding computing tasks and can keep up with their desktop counterparts. This article looks at some of the essential characteristics of a good gaming laptop. You do not have to break the bank to get a good mix of features.  

Lots Of RAM

Even a cheap gaming laptop worth its salt will come with an ample quantity of RAM. RAM – short for Random Access Memory – is the computer memory that deals with short-term storage and recall. Essentially, it deals with the working functionality of the computer instead of the long-term storage of files. The more RAM a gaming laptop has, the more able to carry out complex tasks quickly it will be. The best gaming laptops have RAM in abundance. Recent high specification game releases like Red Dead Redemption 2 require upwards of 12 GB of RAM to be played smoothly on reasonable settings. 

A Powerful Sound Card 

A good sound card is worth having for two reasons. Firstly, a great quality sound card will include powerful drivers that help your laptop’s audio output sound great. Secondly, the sound card helps take some of the workload away from your CPU and GPU – which would otherwise carry the burden of any audio processing and amplification tasks that need to be carried out. 

A Good Graphics Card

High spec graphics cards – otherwise known as GPUs – are essential for gamers that want to play the latest releases. Graphics cards process and execute visual data. The primary function of this component is to remove the strain of graphical processing from the RAM so that the computer can stay up to speed. In addition, the best graphics cards can handle huge amounts of data. This enables a gaming laptop with a modern GPU equipped to process complex visuals and display them smoothly. If you have an old graphics card installed, you will need to turn your graphical settings down or stick to older games. 

A Fast HDD or SSD

It was common knowledge that the best storage system for laptop gaming was a large, high RPM Hard Disk Drive for many years. However, this consensus has changed according to a recent article published by PC Gamer. Most new gaming laptops are shipped with Solid State Drives that act as their main storage element. Solid State Drives use interconnected flash memory chips to store data as opposed to a rewritable disk. This means that information can be recalled and booted far more quickly and in a far more efficient fashion than before. Due to the increasing size of games, Solid State Drives have become the industry standard due to their ability to seamlessly load huge quantities of data. However, many good gaming laptops are shipped without Hard Disk Drives at all: relying entirely upon Solid State Drives for long term file storage and recall. 

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