Violin is one of the best musical instruments that is challenging to learn. It has a steep learning curve that is a bit difficult to learn at first. However, once you learned the foundational violin skills, you will be able to master the right tuning and harmonizing. Furthermore, you can transfer your violin playing skills to other string instruments. With these benefits of playing the violin, it is ideal that you find a good private violin teacher to teach you. For that reason, your great challenge now is finding a good violin teacher.

Singapore has lots of violin teachers that offer great learning experiences. There are violin teacher Singapore listing websites where you can search for the best violin teacher. To find the one that is suitable for you, you need to screen them. This article has three questions that you should ask to violin teachers in order to pick the right one. 

Question #1 – What is your background in being a private violin teacher?

A lot of people play a musical instrument for the sake of having a hobby. To put it simply, they do not aspire to have a career in music. If they do see instrument playing as a job, it is usually just something that they do on the side. Thus, there are many musical instrument tutors that have little to no formal education in music. That is also the case with a violin teacher Singapore tutor.

Any aspiring violinist would not want to be given a mediocre learning experience. That is most especially the case if they paid for those violin lessons. They want to make sure that they are given the best and worthwhile violin education. Thus, it is important that you hire a private violin teacher that has an outstanding background in music and has teaching experience.

A credible violin teacher Singapore tutor would have taken formal education in music. Furthermore, they will aspire to get certified for teaching violin to others. They do this so that they will be able to teach the proper violin techniques and music theory. As a result, they will be able to help their violin students achieve their goals. Therefore, you should ask your prospect violin teacher if they have a violin teaching certification. 

Question #2 – What expectations do you have of your violin students?

Each private violin teacher has their own skill sets that are beneficial to a specific type of violin students. They have their specific specialization that can cater to the needs of their students. For example, there are violin teachers for beginners. There are violin teachers that can guide students in live violin performances. To be able to find out what the violin instructor is an expert in, you should ask what their expectations are on a violin student.

Knowing the violin teacher’s expectations regarding the student will give you an insight on what type of students they previously worked with. If they are expecting that violin students should take every lesson seriously and do after session practices regularly, this means they have worked with students who wish to have a career as a violinist. If they say that their student expectation is to have fun in the class and learn at their own pace, this implies that they worked with students who are just learning it as a hobby. Hence, if your expectations match with the teacher’s expectations, you found the right one among your violin teacher Singapore prospects.

Question #3 – What are the important violin class details that I need to know?

This question will cover a lot of the technical side of taking violin classes. If you ask this question, a private violin teacher will start by giving you their available schedule. Those who do violin teaching full-time will even show you their schedules and let you pick a time slot. They will also give you an idea of what the procedures are if you missed a class. Usually, they reschedule this for another day. However, it is best if you knew exactly how they handle missed lessons.

There are violin teacher Singapore tutors that rent music studios as their place of operation. These studios usually have policies that everyone must abide by. When you ask this question, they will brief you on the policies implemented there. Other things that may be covered here are the costs of the sessions, the music books required, and annual violin recital opportunities. Knowing all this information will help you understand if you can do what is required for the violin class. If so, then you can avail the services of this violin teacher.

Find a good private violin teacher

With these questions, you will be able to effectively sift through your violin teacher Singapore prospects. Are you looking for a website where you can find certified violin teachers to teach you? If so, you are only a click away. Violin Lessons Singapore has gathered lots of certified violin teachers so you don’t have to search for them yourself. They offer private and group lessons both for adults and kids. Check out our website for more details.  

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