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By WILLIAM E. LEWIS JR 2,999 views

The Greatest Radio Talk Show Hosts of All Time

Talker’s magazine is one of the leading trade publications serving the talk media industry in the United State America. In fact, each year the magazine compiles a list of the top radio talk show hosts emphasis William E. Lewis Jr of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Actually, all hosts in the list have contributed some what different to the genre. Hence, they have become the legend by making a place in every individual’s mind and heart.

History of talk radios

Talk shows date back to the start of radio and started cropping up in the 1920s. In fact, the very first documented radio shows were chats amid farmers about the state of farming. Aimee Semple McPherson was a creator of the medium who used radio as a Christian evangelist.

Actually, most talk show formats at the moment are frequently hosted by an individual alone, and often feature talks with a number of different visitors. Talk radio contains an element of auditor contribution, commonly by the distribution of live chats among the host and spectators says William E. Lewis Jr.

How does talk radio operate?

The talk radio function on an advertising industry model and local and nationwide companies pay the station cash to have their announcements transmission during the popular program. In fact, every radio station charges a fee for publicity. However, the real dollar amount will depend on the ratings of the radio station and number of spectators to the specific programs.

radio talk show

What are the criteria for selecting the greatest All-Time radio hosts?

According to Talkers magazine, the journalistic staff did a subjective-but-educated determination of aptitude, durability, success, creativeness, innovation, and influence on both the broadcasting business and society in common. These individuals were measured to have made a serious change in the industry as well as the country and culture.

As with different polls and lists, the thoughts vary, William E. Lewis Jr adds. Actually, the NewsMax news site also has amassed its own list of the top radio talk show hosts. However, most of their picks were always similar to the list as also includes Limbaugh as the “king of talk radio,” one top position.

Here’s a list of some greatest radio talk show hosts



 Rush Limbaugh  Rush Limbaugh
 Sean Hannity  Howard Stern

 Dave Ramsey

 Don Imus
 Mark Levin  Larry King
 Glenn Beck  Sally Jessy Raphael
 Howard Stern  Bruce Williams
 Michael Savage

 Dr. Laura Schlessinger


All you need to know about the Limbaugh – the king of talk radio

Rush Limbaugh’s show has been the number one talk show since 1987 when record keeping initiated. In fact, the popular host has increasing weekly spectators of around 13.25 million unique listeners, who listen for at least five minutes. Moreover, this makes “The Rush Limbaugh Show” the most listened-to talk-radio program in the United State.

About Talkers Magazine

Business Week Magazine has named Talkers magazine “The Bible of Talk Radio”. According to William E. Lewis Jr, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida as technology and media tendencies have improved over the years, the magazine expanded to serve the forms of talk media outside just talk radio. Along with the changes in technology, it comprises talk disperse digitally, satellite radio and talk programming on television.

William E. Lewis Jr

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