Solar pool covers

Most of us would have probably seen regular and solar pool covers. However, several people still do not know the difference between regular pool covers and solar pool covers. Regular pool covers help pool owners keep out debris along with allowing them to cut down on pool maintenance.

A solar pool cover will also provide the exact same functions, but it also does a few other things. For instance, it will serve the purpose of heating the water in the pool along with reducing evaporation. Solar pool covers of different sizes and types are available in the market. However, one thing common in them is that they all use the energy of sun to produce a warming effect.

Types of Solar Covers.

As mentioned earlier, there are several types of solar covers available in the market. If you are planning to purchase one, you should know about different solar cover types. This is because it will help you to identify which type of solar cover is ideal for your pool.

Solar Blankets.

Solar blankets are often referred to as bubble solar covers mainly because their appearance is similar to a bubble wrap. A solar blanket contains several little thermal bubbles, which capture the sun’s UV rays to keep your pool water warm.

Pools that use a solar blanket will be able to easily retain moisture from the water, which will help control evaporation. If you want to get the most out of a solar blanket, you will need to invest in one that is bigger than the pool. Solar blankets are efficient, lightweight, and an excellent option for pool owners who are on a limited budget.

Solar Rings.

Solar sun rings are actually nifty alternatives to solar blankets, but they are relatively more expensive. They work similarly as solar blankets, which means, they absorb the sun’s heat and pass it on to the pool water. You will need to trim down big sheets of solar blankets to make them fit properly within your pool.

However, you will not need to trim down anything when buying solar sun rings. This is because you can buy as many of them you want to cover your pool. Solar sun rings get easily attached to magnets, which makes them incredibly easy to install.

Liquid Solar Covers.

As the name indicates, liquid solid covers are chemical additives, which comes in a pill or dispenser form and are liquid. When they are added to a pool, these liquid solid covers create a surface layer, which retains the absorbed heat from the sun. The best thing about liquid solar covers is that they work really well in still water, and don’t cause any harm to pool filters or swimmers.

Liquid solid covers are relatively less expensive, biodegradable, and can also be easily installed without any hassles. However, it is important to note that liquid-solid covers cannot be used with chlorine.

How Long Do Different Types Of Solar Covers Last

You would have probably understood what different types of solar covers are and which one best suits your pool. That said, before making a buying decision it is best to examine how long these solar covers last. Solar rings and blankets are made of plastic, which means that they deteriorate with time.

The plastic around the edges of these covers may start to dry out and the bubbles will deflate or fall off due to factors like wind, rain, and more. However, these types of solar covers are capable of lasting up to three years in moderate and mild conditions. On the other hand, liquid solar covers generally last for around 30 days.

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