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face masks
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The Ultimate Guide to Face Masks Skin Care

Those clay on your face isn’t just anything or an indulgent treat. They perform more magic on the face than you can ever imagine and your skincare routine isn’t complete without them. Not only does it provide a relaxing, spa-like experience, it can also handle a wide range of skin conditions. From removing excess oils to hydrating the skin to tackling large pores and acne, the list is endless. Therefore, whether yours is a clay, sheet mask, or charcoal, a face mask is definitely a game-changer in your beauty routine. And while at it, here is an ultimate guide to help you navigate your face masks journey in order to get the most of it.

How Does a Face Mask Work?

Face masks are loaded with active ingredients that provide therapeutic and nourishing treatment to the skin. That is why only a few minutes of usage are enough for it to perform its wonders. They work by covering the face to serve as a barrier between the air and the skin. This will help the skin to soak up all the goodies and take effect. Now you don’t just use only a face mask and call it a day. It should be used with other skincare ingredients for the best results.

If you are lost on the face mask to choose from, you can consider an expert that can provide strictly professional skincare customized for your skin needs. It is also important to get proactive skincare in the UK in order to avoid skin problems.

Types of Face Masks:

Using a facemask without knowing which one is right for your skin or skin conditions isn’t always the answer. In fact, it can produce counterproductive results that can lead to other skin issues. With tons of face masks flooding the market, choosing the right one can be a hassle and one that requires you to carry out your homework. Here are the different popular types of face masks and their benefits.

  • Sheet mask:

Sheet masks are becoming the new waves for good reasons. They are loaded with moisturizing ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, ceramides, aloe vera, glycerin, and other humectants that help seal in moisture and prevent free radicals. Unlike the other types, the sheet mask is like a sheet made of fiber, cotton, and cellulose. When it comes to the sheet, you really don’t have to worry about the ingredients and mix. All it’s required is to remove from the package, place it on the face and let it perform its wonders. Ide for those busy days when you still need to make your skincare a priority. A perfect solution for inflamed skin and all skin types.

  • Clay mask:

Clay masks are great for oily skin as they help draw out the excess sebum from the face. They are great purifiers that can help draw out impurities and toxins. However, it needs to maintain a maximum of 5 minutes if you don’t want to end up with very dry skin. It should also be followed up with a moisturizing product in order to restore moisture to the skin. Popular types are bentonite and kaolin.

  • Mud:

Mud is a good tradeoff for those who have oily skin but want to avoid excess dryness after usage of the facemask. Mud is very similar to clay but it is water-based. This means it helps soak out excess oil while inputting moisture to the skin. It’s gentler and a better option for people with oily or dry skin.

  • Charcoal:

This is the best thing for deep cleaning facials. Charcoal contains powerful ingredients that draw toxins, bacteria, dirt, and oil from the skin. It’s an excellent exfoliator for getting rid of blackheads, acne, and dead cells. A good formula that leaves the skin fresh, smooth, and breathable. Perfect for breakouts, acne, and pimples.

  • Sleep mask:

Your skin is undergoing a renewal process while you sleep, how about giving it an added boost with an ingredient-packed sleep mask. This formula work while you sleep to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin for youthful-looking, well-hydrated, soft, and supple skin. However, there are various formulations out there. Hence, pick the right one for your skin type. A perfect way to give your skin all the love it deserves while you sleep.

  • Cream mask:

Here is something for dry skin that needs a good dose of hydration. It is designed in a creamy texture and contains ingredients that help moisturize, nourish the skin while preventing skin radicals. It also slows down the effect of aging and fine lines. Get your face drenched in some cream mask to enjoy all the goodness it has to offer.

How to Get the most out of your Face Masks Skincare

Here are things to do or avoid in order to get all the benefits of face masks skincare.

  • Prep your skin before application:

Don’t just go ahead and dab a face mask on your skin. It is important to prep your skin before application. You should take time to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. This will help your skin to better absorb the nutrients and maximize its effectiveness.

  • Consider multi-masking:

Different facemask offers different benefits. Multi-masking means you are reaping all the benefits of the various face masks. This is a great one, especially for people with different skin types as you can easily apply different types of masks to different areas of your face as required. It allows you to provide a customized solution for your skin-specific needs.

  • Never extend the application time:

Putting on a face mask will only do more harm than good. Overextension of the time it uses on your face can cause skin dryness or irritation. While at it, start slow and use it like once or twice a week until your skin gets used to it.

  • Avoid products with chemicals:

Products with perfumes, fragrances, or dangerous alcohol that can cause skin dryness should be avoided.

Bottom line:

Whether you are planning a skincare gift set for her, or you just needed a “me- time” to rejuvenate and enjoy a spa-like experience, this guide will help you to have the best one.

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