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Gum Diseases and your Health by Dr. Zhang Minguan

If you think that your oral health is only linked to your mouth, that’s not true! From the teeth to the gums, any minor to major infection or disease can make an impact on your overall health. And not just that but even a part of your mouth affects it as a whole along with your body. Sometimes, not taking good care of your health and simply wanting a good breath by eating mints or wanting shiny, white teeth by brushing too hard exposes you to diseases and infections. Today with Dr. Zhang Minguan, find out gum diseases that might impact your overall health and protect yourself!

Gum Disease and Cardiovascular Disease

There is indeed a great deal of research to justify the connection across oral and cardiac diseases. People with periodontal diseases are more likely to suffer from several forms of cardiac diseases. Infections of gum produce bacteria that lodge in the arteries as they enter the bloodstream. When the gum bacteria run through the arteries, an inflammatory response is caused that can lead to plaque formation on the artery wall. The inflammation will reduce the chances of a heart attack or stroke and reduce arterial disease. Gum disease care will lessen the negative impacts of cardiac disorders and chronic illnesses. The easiest way to ensure healthy oral health is to consult the dentist, according to General & Family Dental Treatment. A dentist’s regular appointment is required so the dentist can identify gum diseases and treat them before they go to the heart.

Gum Disease and Diabetes

Gum disease affects tissue and bone damage, which helps your teeth. Unhealthy levels of blood sugar, contributing to diabetes, are more difficult to regulate. The disease is therefore made more severe by slowing down the cure and reducing the ability of the body to fight infections. The relation between gum and diabetes leads to other diseases such as liver and kidney disease. Gum disease leads to kidney disease growth. Medical evidence has shown that people with kidney disorders are more vulnerable to gum disease. The high sugar levels in the system overload the kidneys, causing them to process excessive blood, destroying the kidneys that trigger renal failure in turn. This disease also raises fat in the liver, which can lead to cirrhosis, due to diabetics caused by gum infections.

Gum Disease and Cancer

Gum conditions cause damage to the teeth and to the bone. Unhealthy levels of blood sugar, resulting in diabetes, are more difficult to regulate. As a result, it delays the healing process and reduces the capacity of the body to combat infections. The relationship between gum diseases and diabetes leads to diseases like the kidney and the liver. Gum disease is leading to kidney disease growth. A medical study has shown that the most likely suffering from gum diseases is those with kidney diseases. The high levels of sugar in the system overlook the kidneys, which causes them to filter too much blood, destroying the kidney causing kidney failure. This disease also raises fat in the liver, which can lead to cirrhosis, due to diabetics caused by gum infections..

Now you know why your gum infection shouldn’t be ignored! Dental health is probably one of the health spheres which is as important as any other and yet is not paid attention to! 

Zhang Minguan graduated from the Department of Dentistry, University of Hong Kong. In 1994, the qualification obtained from the university was the Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Hong Kong. He graduated in 1999 and received a master’s degree in dental surgery from the University of Hong Kong in Implant Dentistry. He wishes you the best of health! 


Dr. Zhang Minguan has been in private practice since 2000 at 1010D, 10th Floor, Phase 1, Argyle Street Centre, 688 Nathan Road, Mong Kok. His dental practice is called Wong & Zhang Dental & Implant Practice.