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Hair Loss Shampoo
By NIKKI CROSS 776 views

Does Hair Loss Shampoo Actually Work?

Decades ago, hair loss was not a serious issue, because then people rarely used to lose hair at a young age. But with today’s generation, hair fall and white hairs are very common, and thus people seek solutions for these problems. Seeing this business opportunity, many products came into the market claiming to stop hair fall, and regrow hair as well. Now, how much truth is there in products is still a subject of research.

To understand the effectiveness and to validate the claims made by different products, we need to understand the reasons of hair loss problem. Hairs are 90% Keratin, which is a form of fibrous protein. Now, what holds hairs with scalp is the healthiness of the scalp. Due to an unhealthy lifestyle followed by people these days, they easily get deficient in vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients. That increase hair falls as well as make the hair, thin and unhealthy.

What Do Researchers Say?

As of now, there are only 2 clinically proven drugs for hair treatment. Finasteride 1mg and Minoxidil 5%. These drugs can stop the hair fall and can regrow hair to some extent. As per research, there is no other product or drug which can stop the hair fall or even can reduce it. The matter of regrowing is very far. So, how come every other product in the market is claiming to stop hair loss and regrow them?

The Truth Of Hair Growth Shampoos

Most products in the market which make these claims are in the form of hair growth shampoo. These shampoos claim to stop hair loss and regrow hair. These products contain Keratin, the same protein which hairs have and when applied on hairs, this protein fortifies every strand, making them look thicker. Also, these are sulfate-free shampoos, which means they create and store more moisture in the scalp, which is very important to make hair looks healthy. Though most people are fine with sulfate, i.e., they don’t have any negative sentiment toward it but those who are not fine, need sulfate-free shampoos.

Do These Products Really Work?

Most products in the market are diluted versions of original drugs. Now, the original drug may be effective but, diluting it again leaves doubt on impact.

There are various reasons for the hair fall like improper blood circulation, deficiency of required protein, vitamins, and amino acids. Hence the products which can cater to these needs are also effective to some extent. These products fall into 4 major categories: increase blood flow, function as anti-inflammatories, caffeine-based, and Dihydrotestosterone blockers. 

These products are effective, given that they can regulate the blood flow effectively.

But, there are no detailed researches that indicate that these products are effective for hair fall; what we can say with surety is that you can thicken your hair and can provide them with enough moisture to make them look good with the help of sulfate-free shampoos. But again, it varies for every individual. 

Nikki Cross

Hi, i am Nikki Cross. I am a freelance writer and blogger.