It is really devastated for women to discover that they have started losing hair. Women baldness is not accepted in most of the cultures, on the other hand, men can shave their heads but this cannot be even considered in the case of women. For women, there are alternatives to choose from system hair available to boost your confidence and replace lost hair.  As we know the main reason behind why most women opt hair replacement is to restore their confidence, self-esteem. Gone are the days of that cheap one size fits all wigs which are uncomfortable and do not look natural at all. There are a different style, shapes of hair systems which are manufactured by Cindycut to enhance your overall personality. It all that you want your old self again and sometimes you are willing to try anything to get it.

Cindycut, a well-known hair systems wholesale manufacturer has shared various options of hair replacement systems for women choices

You need not compromise on anything as these custom made bonded hair systems for women are available in many shapes:

Cindycut Hair

Custom Bases:

Cindycut has numerous Custom hair system base and standard designs. You can customize your own hair system base. The right decision to pick the best one starts with appearance and durability.  Custom means that your hair system will be shaped and sized to tone with your unique balding pattern.  It will be ready to wear and exactly match the current color, cut and styled to blend naturally with your own hair.

Types of Custom hair systems are:

Full Lace

It is the most popular and most natural custom hair system which gives all around natural appearance.

Lace Front

It is easier to clean and more durable than full lace. It has a conventional base, back, and top.


Skin systems gives you the most realistic and front hairline appearance. It is the blend of super-thin natural poly systems. Instead of and knots, it has v-loop ventilation which gives a look to the hair growing right out of your scalp.


It is most durable and natural appearance hair system. It is sturdy and easy to clean due to the one-inch poly skin around back and sides.

It is called as a custom fit kit.  It fits behind a natural hairline and all of these designed according to your needs.

Full Cap Hair Systems:

These are the most common hair pieces with women as it covers your entire head, it is also used by the chemotherapy patients who suffer critical hair loss. You can fix your full cap hair system with clips, tape, and liquid adhesive. Sometimes some pieces can also be available with stretch bands with an elastic material.

All these hair systems manufactured by Cindycut is of high quality and designed according to your requirements.

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