A Hair transplant (HT) is among the most demanded cosmetic procedures in the world. Over 650K of these operations are performed for men and women who suffer baldness in varying degrees. For a lot of people, this procedure is only a chance to recover their hair growth, become attractive again.

However, a hair transplant is quite expensive plastic surgery in particular countries. For instance, it will cost about $8,000 in the USA or Canada. So, patients often look for more affordable options abroad. Below you can get some info about the best places for hair transplant.


Turkey is named as one of the best places to visit for a hair transplant. Year after year, over 100K medical tourists head here to restore their hair growth by transplant surgery. The procedure is done here by applying FUE technique and its modifications in most cases. FUE is an option when a doctor takes out hair follicles from a hairy part of the body and forms grafts (a bunch of 3-4 follicles). Then, these grafts are inserted into a bald area (head, beard, eyebrows, etc.) one by one.

So people pick Turkish clinics owing to:

    • attractive price. The average cost of the procedure is about $1,800 without the limit of transplanted follicle units. The pricing of hair transplant in Turkey is easy to check on specialized medical tourism sites.
  • All-inclusive service. A majority of clinics in Turkey offer prices that already cover hotel/hospital stay, services of an interpreter, and airport pick up.
  • Skilled doctors. Some specialists working in Tuklish clinics have over 5,000-12,000 hair transplant procedures on their account.


One more noteworthy place for hair transplant is Poland. The clinics offer one of the lowest prices for the procedure in Europe. The average cost is about $3,500-4,000. If you want to have a robotic hair transplant (the same FUE but managed by a robot), you will pay around $8,000-10,000.

Poland is also visited as the best place for a hair transplant because of its favorable location. Europeans can reach the state within several hours by low-cost flights.


One more European country considered the best place to do a hair surgery is Lithuania. It has the same advantage as Poland regarding location, infrastructure, and pricing. 

The cost of HT starts from $3,700. Cheap flights allow saving some extra money and wasting them on accommodation.


One more great place for having a hair transplant abroad is Mexico. The Mexican clinics are in demand mostly among Americans. Close location to the USA and affordable prices (2-3 times lower) makes Mexico choice no.1.

The prices for a hair transplant in Mexico vary from $2,600 to $4,000. Just compare, the US clinics demand at least $8,000.

South Korea

South Korea is known as a “global capital of plastic surgery”. So, medical tourists land here to improve their appearance by various cosmetic procedures, including a hair transplant. The cost of all esthetic operations here is above the average. However, patients choose South Korea due to excellent quality and perfect results after plastic surgeries.

The cost of a hair transplant here is a minimum $3,900 and reaches $8,000.


Picking the best hair transplant place is individual. Some patients look for low prices, other value excellent service and favorable location of the clinic. In any event, today’s world opens opportunities to pick any clinic in any country. All you need is to decide where you want to go and how much you are ready to pay.

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