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1 Gravity Reviews
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Haircuts that Never Go out of Style

From witnessing our favorite  Marvel star and awarded actor, Scarlett Johansonn sporting a playful pixie to Taylor Swift perfecting the ‘Old Hollywood’ look, we checked 1 Gravity reviews and we are here to answer all your questions over short hair and also over every haircut you could rock… or not. Maybe it was out of the thought of uncovering a fresh path and unlocking a new style to start off or simply out of the frustration of heavy maintenance long hair can require, there are a few questions that always arise. Here’s us trying to answer some of them.


Pixie cuts may appear and give you the feel of a one-trick pony, but this theatrical cut stands out and yet can be styled in multiple ways. If you do choose one, remember to accessorize. Go bold and play around with statement pieces, hair clips and bands. But even if you let it be plain and simple, it will catch eyes and attention. Some of celeb favorite styles are voluminous & side-swept that helps them achieve the red carpet look and arrive stunning. For a girl’s night out or a fancy yet simple look,start with a volume spray such as and run various sections through a thick barreled curling iron. Interchange the direction of the iron to help create height and texture.

Blunt Cut

For those who are all about that high fashion look and love to look and feel like a different class, blunt bob is all you need to tell your hairstylist to give you. It looks amazing and enhances the shape of the face giving you a supermodel-like sharp cut above the collarbone including perfectly angled layers. To play down the sharp angle, opt for ombre which will soften the effect. To get a textured style, curl hair away from the face and rub hair powder into your roots to lift the hair for a teased look. In contrast, this cut also works with glossy, straight hair which shows off the striking angle.

Old Hollywood

It would be a shame to not talk about this haircut in the context of one of the most amazing pop singers, Taylor Swift because when she cut her hair, The Old Hollywood look literally got signed to her name. While she continues to maintain her Old Hollywood style, she is continually reinventing past looks and showcasing them in modern ways. Taylor, whose trademark remains to be ball gowns and of course, this significant look is also a fan of the fringe, and these two hairstyles feature different ways to wear bangs. To achieve either of these styles, curling the hair and pinning each curl to set would give a beautiful look. Once the hair has cooled, un-pin and comb through each curl to loosen the wave. However, for a more formal look, curl the fringe, tuck the hair behind one ear and finally use a hair spray to hold it in place.


When people use the word bohemian, the hippie era comes to mind. This style has been around for quite a while. By adding modern touches, the style is kept fresh and lives on. Truly embodying the bohemian life doesn’t mean you have to become a gypsy, freely roaming from place to place as you find the meaning of life. When creating the relaxed curl that both these looks require, be sure to leave the ends out when curling . Brush the curls once you’ve finished to turn them into soft waves. The idea with both these styles is not to be too fussy over details.

Well, the one thing you should keep in mind while choosing a hairstyle is to pick one that enhances the shape of your face and jawline! No matter what style you choose, remember 1 Gravity reviews supports and adores you…

1Gravity Reviews

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