hammertoe surgery

A hammertoe surgery is an easy and common surgery that is experienced by a lot of male and females every year.

Hammertoe is a condition where one of your toes points upwards and comes over on the adjacent toe.

The most vulnerable toes are the one next to your big toe and the one next to your smallest toe. If you have gone through a hammertoes surgery Baltimore, you can expect some things as post-surgery abnormalities. There is also a range of recovery rates that could be varied in the case for different individuals. Here are some things that one might expect to experience after a hammertoe surgery:

 When to go home?

The available range of

  • Anaesthesia:

  • The surgery could be done with two types of anaesthesia. For a squeamish person, who may be frightened at the sight of blood, full-body anaesthesia will be the perfect option. But for others a local anaesthesia will be enough.

    It may be a simpler surgery, but after it, you might feel some pain. Initially, you can feel a little numbness around your operated area due to the extended effect of anaesthesia. After the effect wears out, you might experience pain. Whereas a mild pain is expected, if the pain takes on a severe condition, you must consult with the surgeon and act accordingly.

    Any operation has some postoperative complications that can remain for years. After a hammertoe surgery, a mild swelling is normal. Depending on the success of the surgery and recovery rate of an individual, this condition of swelling could remain for one month to one year.

    As it is true to any given medical procedure, the recovery rate varies from person to person. However, in general, you can expect a complete recovery after a hammertoe treatment after one or two years. To increase recovery rate, you can take doctor prescribed medicines. For some cases, the condition of hammertoe can return.

    After this surgery, the patient is asked to take rest for like two or three months depending on his or her recovery rate. After one or two weeks of complete rest, your doctor might give you some regular exercises to perform daily. The exercises are light and effective. You might perform these even while sitting on your couch.

    These are the commonly experienced things by anyone after going through a successful hammertoe, , , ,

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