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Professional Handyman
By EMMA ALFIE 1,447 views

When My Handyman Saved me from Getting Electrocuted!

“Are you feeling alright Madam?” asked John, the handyman we hired. Still in shock, I just simply nodded my head! I was still not sinking in that I was saved in a nick of time from getting electrocuted! I thanked my stars and John’s presence of mind! With shaky fingers, I gulped down the ice-cold water but it did nothing to control my erratic heartbeat!

It so happened that my new, state of art, stainless steel double door refrigerator that I purchased during Black Friday sale suddenly stopped working! My husband Matt was out of the town on a business trip and I had no idea what to do! I started searching on internet “handyman near me” and found many sites on the first result page.

Patiently, I started contacting each one of them and told about my issue! John gave me the best quote out of all and I booked an appointment with him. Transferring all my perishable items in my neighbor’s fridge, I started looking for its warranty card! To my horror, I couldn’t find it even after turning my whole house upside down.

Disappointed, I double-checked whether I have taken off the refrigerator plug from the main switch, I went to bed. Next day, John, as promised, arrived on time and requested to see the fridge. After deeply inspecting it and asking me a few vital questions, he told me that due to clogged coils, the refrigerator had stopped working! He said he will have to take out the condenser fan and fix it.

He took out his tool kit and started fixing it. After a while, he again installed the fan inside the fridge and switched on the fridge. He promised that after one hour it will start cooling again. When we checked it after an hour, it was not working again. Disappointed, I asked him the reason. John was confused himself as he fixed and cleaned the condenser fan thoroughly. He then checked the compressor and found out it was not working!

After running a test, he informed me that I need to get a new compressor for myself. I was shocked that as it was a new fridge and we had 2 years guarantee on the compressor. I dogged out my warranty card and called the manufacturers. They promised to send their technician in the morning. I was flabbergasted! First John said that there was a fault in the condenser fan and now he is saying the compressor is not working.

I was getting frustrated and again started my quest to search the best handyman in Albany NY that can fix my faulty refrigerator. I asked my friends and colleagues for a recommendation. My friend Sara recommended me one and I immediately contacted him. Coincidentally, he lived nearby and arrived at my house within minutes. He inspected the fridge, checked condenser fan’s blade and ran a test on the compressor.

After a deep and thorough inspection, he informed me that there is a defect in the compressor. He bought his tool kit along and fixed my compressor in no time. To say I was aesthetic will be an understatement. While he was checking my refrigerator, he noticed that my dishwasher pipe is leaking and fixed it also. I was impressed by his expertise and thought to recommend him to all my relatives whenever they need appliance repair in Albany NY.

He switched on my refrigerator and I was happy to see it working like before. I decided to call him whenever I needed the services of Todd Jobs.

Emma Alfie

I am Emma, Writing is my passion. Love to write content on different topics on behalf of different companies. I have written several educational & informational content for different niches!

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