So, you’re looking for a reputable hardwood timber supplier – but where do you start! We know how important it is to work with a lumber stockist that meets your needs and offers premium products, but if you’ve never partnered with that business before, it can be difficult to know if they have the experience and service you expect. Ask them these 10 questions before making any purchases, and you can be confident you’ve made the right choice.

1. What timber do you stock?
This is the first question you should ask any potential hardwood timber supplier – if you know what lumber you’re looking for, it’s critical that the merchant has it in stock. If you’re unsure what product will best suit your project, then you should partner with a stockist with a wide variety of choice!

2. Is your timber sustainably sourced?
Once you’ve ascertained their stockist, it’s important that the timber has been sustainably grown and harvested. This means it should meet Australian regulations or have a very transparent chain of custody history – especially if you’re considering Merbau. By choosing sustainably sourced timbers, you can be confident they will be around for others to enjoy well into the future, and you’re not doing any harm to our eco-systems in the process.

3. Can I use it in bushfire prone areas?
If you live in a bushfire prone area (which is common throughout Victoria) then choosing a lumber that is suitable for these areas is critical – otherwise you may be putting yourself and your family in undue risk. Check for fire resistant properties,
ideally suitable in use for Bal 19/29 areas.

4. How much experience do you have?
Partnering with a hardwood timber supplier that is established and experienced is a great idea for a number of reasons. They will be able to offer unparalleled advice and assistance, allowing you to purchase a well-suited timber that has a proven track

5. Which timber is right for my project?
As we mentioned above, if you’re unsure which direction to take, the timber supplier you’re working with will be able to list the relevant features and benefits of a wide range of tihardwoods, taking into consideration your project, your property, and your
needs – that way, you can be confident the finished product will complement your home and stand the test of time!

6. Where can I see your past projects?
To ensure you’re working with the best, a reputable merchant will be proud to show off their past projects or builds they have been involved with – generally via their website or social media pages. If there are no projects available, then this could be
the warning sign you’ve been waiting for.

7. Do you have reviews I can read?
Just as you should be looking for photos and videos of their timber in use, reviews will also give you a clear indication of the service that past customers have received. If there are no reviews on the search engine you’re using, then this may not be an
experienced business!

8. What other products do you stock?
Whilst some stockists only supply hardwood, others consider themselves a one-stop shop for everything you’ll need during timber-based projects. For an all-inclusive service, look for a business who can offer stains, oils and hardware, as well as
traditional beams and sleepers.

9. Do you deliver?
If you’re unable to carry the amount of timber that you need within your car or van, then it may be a good idea to look for a company that can deliver to your site. This way, all you need to worry about is the lumber itself – and not the hassle that is
involved in the transportation process.

10. Who do you supply to?
Look for a business who is happy to supply to you – not everyone is open direct to the public, whilst other companies don’t offer wholesale prices. Whether you’re in building and construction, landscaping, fencing or you’re a home owner, look for
someone who meets your needs.

We hope these questions give you the confidence to partner with a hardwood timber supplier that is both reputable and suitable to your situation. If you aren’t satisfied with their answers, we suggest working with a different business.

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Andrew E
Andrew E

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  • You made a good point that looking at the past projects of my timber supplier can help me better gauge the kind of timber I would like for my own project. I’ve always wanted to have a wooden cabin in a rural area that I can retreat to whenever I feel stressed. I would also appreciate it if has a lot of weatherproof features too.

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