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Health Insurance Plan
By SIDHARTH KAPOOR 1,547 views

Why You Should Opt For A Health Insurance Before You Turn To Age 30?

We usually like to make ourselves financially sound before buying insurance plan. The same goes for a health insurance cover. However, what most of you might not understand is that there are benefits of buying health insurance before the age of 30.Although, all of these benefits might not be related to the financial aspect of the transaction but they are still as important as any other element.

If you too want to know about all the reasons, why buying a health insurance policy before 30 is a good idea.

Major Reasons To Buy Health Health Insurance Policy Before Age 30

  1. The price factor

When an individual is below the age of 30, they are considered to be the healthiest in their lifespan. It is the reason why you can get the best health insurance plan at an affordable price. Since the risk of you getting ill is less to none, the insurance company will be willing to give you a cheaper rate of the premium compared to others.

  1. Employers coverage

Most of you out there who are below the age of 30 must be working for sure. You might feel that your employer’s health coverage is sufficient to fulfil your medical expenses. However, the truth is an employer’s coverage will not give you total benefits of health insurance. That is why it’s always a good idea to purchase an individual health insurance plan in India.

  1. Uncertainty

Due to our exhausting lifestyles, uncertainties have become a norm these days. Nobody knows what medical condition you might have to experience, irrespective of your age. For this reason, it is always a good alternative to stay secured and insured. To make it possible to purchase a coverage conveniently, there are many online health insurance providers.. For example, you can even buy Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance online, without having to visit their office.

  1. Extensive travelling

Whether you’re a working individual or not, we all still love to travel. The more extensive traveller we are, the more chances are there of us getting ill. It can be anything from a common cold to viruses that would require us to stay in the hospital for a few days. To manage these expenses, you need to buy health insurance at any cost. It will give you a surety, to deal with significant medical expenses, in case they come your way.

  1. Financial planning

Even if you are a healthy individual, it does not mean that you will be able to work, till the end of your life. At some point, you need to start planning your financial resources, to keep them ready when the time comes. That is why, it is believed, that the earlier you do it, the better the results. Besides, it will even keep you from paying the premium for an extended period.

  1. Comprehensive coverage

When you are young and healthy, there is a high possibility of getting comprehensive health insurance. As the age progresses, you start getting certain pre-existing medical conditions. Because of this, there are fewer chances of you being able to buy extensive coverage. In other words, it means if you want to enjoy total security, then it is better to purchase health insurance before you are 30.

The Bottom Line

Whatever your age and income might be purchasing health insurance policy is never a wrong decision. Such policies will only serve for your benefit and will make sure that you are insured against uncertainty. Along with this, health insurance will also allow you to deal with expensive medical costs, without stretching your monthly budget.