Undisturbed sleep offers instant and long-term effects on your wellbeing. However, this isn’t possible if you still sleep on an old damaged or uncomfortable mattress. Perhaps you don’t remember when you bought that mattress. Now is the right time to throw it out and invest in a quality mattress, like the Saatva. This will save you from various health concerns as you’re going to discover below.

Best Mattress


This happens when your upper air passage at the back of the mouth is partially blocked. Preventing snoring requires keeping the head and body properly positioned while sleeping. Do you sleep on an old mattress with sagging springs? These are likely beaten down from years of exposure to dust and sweat compromising the initial firmness of the mattress. The solution is to buy a new mattress with medium firmness to align your spine properly. Additionally, a new mattress will distribute your body weight evenly thus helping to prevent snoring.


Sleeping on an old mattress puts you at risk of allergens. Old mattresses are a haven for sweat, dust, and allergens that trigger allergies. This condition causes swelling and congestion of the throat, disrupts sleep, and promotes snoring. Additionally, an old mattress weighed down by dust has a significant negative impact on people with asthma making symptoms to worsen. Replacing a mattress is highly recommended after about 6 to 8 years to lessen the effect of sweat, dust, and allergens.


Are you less comfortable trying to catch some sleep on your current mattress? This is enough to tell that you don’t get good sleep throughout the night. Inability to get good undisturbed sleep negatively affects the brain part controlling speed and accuracy. Therefore, you’re more likely to have poor information retention ability the next day. Ensure to invest in the best mattress on the market to allow your brain to pull together knowledge from various parts.

Body weight

Have you ever imagined how the sleep quality and amount impacts your body weight? When drowsy, you have less chances of indulging in regular exercise or healthy cooking. This has a direct impact on your weight. Without enough sleep, the level of leptin, which makes you feel full, after eating significantly drop. It’s no wonder that when feeling tired, you’re more likely to feel hungrier. You’re likely to end up craving for high calorie and high-fat foods. Within a short while, your body weight will significantly go beyond normal.

Best mattress for better sleep

When choosing a new mattress, choose memory foam. These have open cell foam allowing sweat and heat to escape. This works together with the mattress’s thermal regulating control fabric. This will cool you down and retain heat in cold conditions. Memory foam mattresses have air channel ventilation for driving out excess heat and sweat to give you a cozy and dry sleep. The fabric and foam in this mattress are breathable to ensure proper ventilation while you sleep. With such is your best bet when planning a mattress replacement.

Bottom line

With a quality mattress, you’ll always be looking forward to retiring to your bed after a hard day at work. Luckily, a good foam mattress can be purchased online from a trusted store with perks such as a 100 free sleep trial.

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