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healthcare industry
By ANKIT SINGH 1,713 views

Technologies that will Shape the Healthcare Future in 2021

We are living in a world that is full of technological advancements and has brought comfort and convenience to our lives. With this advent of technology, different sectors and industries have gained recognition and have boosted their working presence to larger grounds. And here the benefits the healthcare industry has attained are spectacular. 

Since the invasion of the deadly virus in our lives, the way we access services around has changed forever. And the pandemic condition has even fast-tracked the adoption of technology, especially in the healthcare industry.

Amid this tech bubble, each of us is looking for an improved system to handle the healthcare needs, and this is where 2021 will witness a new role of 3 prominent technologies that will shape the future of the healthcare industry forever.

Here in this blog post, we have brought you a quick outlook of 3 significant technologies, that are going to bring tremendous benefits to patients, healthcare technology developers as well as healthcare providers. 

So what are you waiting for???

Just read this blog post to understand that how healthcare technology will turn out to be incredibly promising and drive us to the accessible, improved, and secured patient experience.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has helped the world to reshape healthcare services when COVID-19 was hounding it adversely. It has been very obvious to have certain patients suffering from the pandemic virus, to have certain underlying health conditions, such as chronic illness, obesity, or cancer. And amid this time, it is hard to keep track of patients’ medical history, and that can lead to some serious consequences for their health. In such a situation, AI holds the potential to keep a match of the medical records with a high degree of precision. With medical AI solutions, it becomes easy for healthcare data scientists to enhance their understanding of the conditions, and give better treatment. In 2021, we will see more healthcare practitioners utilize AI for the accurate treatment of severe illnesses.

Data analytics

As we are progressing towards the COVID-19 vaccine, to shield humans against the deadly virus. These vaccines do require a double shot to complete the process. However, this also calls for considerable tracking to remember who has got the first shot of the vaccine and making them cover another shot. And here the data analytics will bring comfort and convenience at their best. It will turn out to be an easy journey to track who has been vaccinated and also will help in keeping an accurate record of those who have changed their locations before the second shot.

This will let the people manage their health record and access it without much effort. So get ready to witness a new wave of data analytics and data exchange in 2021.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality 

Many of us have experienced the set of AR and VR to be used for entertainment purposes, but not many of us know that these technologies have surpassed imagination to another extent. Now, these tech trends are quite common to be noticed in the healthcare industry as well. It goes without saying Virtual Reality in 2021, will embark on a new journey to run the efficiency of hospitals to manage their patients. These two tech trends are the front-running trends that would certainly take the healthcare industry towards unprecedented growth.

Augmented Reality has also had a significant impact on the healthcare sector. Technology such as the VisAR surgical navigation system developed by Novarad provides surgeons with navigational views, integrated targeting systems, precise instrument tracking, and real-time 3D reconstruction and segmentation during surgeries. AR is now also used to train inexperienced surgeons and to practice complicated procedures.

Food for thought

The year 2020 was a roller coaster ride for each of us, but that didn’t call for a shutdown on the technology forefront. This has led to a much advanced and prolific invasion of technology trends in and around our business spectrums. And Healthcare industry is at the advent of receiving the best assistance out of technology. Indeed, the aforementioned technologies would certainly pave a smarter way to heal the healthcare system.

In the current and coming years, there will be better and advanced technologies that will rule the world and will help the healthcare industry to flourish out of bounds.

With this hope that Virtual Reality in 2021 among many other technologies would deploy a much stronger and healthier clinical ecosystem, I sign off for today.

As always keep watching this space to witness rapid advancements in technology.

Ankit Singh

Ankit Singh is a seasoned entrepreneur, who has crafted a niche for himself at such a young age. He is a COO and Founder of Techugo. Apart from holding expertise in business operations, he has a keen interest in sharing knowledge about mobile apps.