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Eating healthy has always been a tough decision to make and selecting healthy foods is another level of complexity. But not anymore. This problem has now been resolved because we have collected the list of best healthy and nutritional foods to eat daily.

Yes, now on an everyday basis, it is possible for you to eat healthily, stay fit and the top of all does not get bored with these healthy food items. We know that despite the numerous benefits listed, the healthy food products are opted out because of the few of them being known to the major population.

But we have crafted a list of as much as 10 healthy food items that can be consumed on an everyday basis and maintain a healthy lifestyle as well.

1. The Beloved Cup Of Tea: 

This is one drink that is listed among the top in favorite drinks of many people and now they are happier to take a sip of it. The reason being the several benefits that come along with it like the presence of anti-oxidants and even reduce risk against diseases like diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s. So get yours today from Nutrasphere with and enjoy the benefits coming along.

2. The Basket Of Oranges: 

Oranges are more than just seasonal fruit. They are enriched with Vitamin C and if you decide to consume a healthy and a large one, you are supposedly done for the day with vitamin C. The particular vitamin in oranges is helpful to fight against infections, build immunity and help in the production of white blood cells as well. It is also rich in fibre. Now imagine, all of this happening because of the one orange that you had.

3. Nuts: 

Apart from being great in taste, they also have a great proportion of nutrients in them. The presence of several important nutrients in nuts is helpful in fighting off diabetes and inflammation. They also have insoluble fibre which is said to be important and good for the gut bacteria of the human body.

4. The Beautiful Broccoli: 

This green vegetable is a one-stop-shop for vitamins like K, C and A along with the presence of folate in it. It is also found to be containing sulforaphane which produces detoxifying enzymes and helps in fighting off thwart cancer as well. Quite a majestic vegetable, no?

5. Yoghurt: 

The richness of good bacteria can nowhere better be found but in yoghurt. This good bacteria present in yoghurt is helpful in keeping the human gut health and is additionally rich in calcium. Other than these, it is also a storehouse of riboflavin, phosphorus, zinc, potassium vitamin B12 and protein.

6. Spinach: 

Remember the Popeye guy from the cartoon series who gained enormous power after consuming spinach? Well, what if someone told you can also access all that power? So start consuming this green leafy vegetable and enrich your body with magnesium, vitamin E, calcium, iron and fiber as well.

7. Oats: 

If you are looking for a superfood then, a bowl of oats is all you need. It is rich in fiber which is excellent for a healthy gut and waistline. They are a whole grain product without any additional or unwanted sugar in them and the best ones are made available just for you at You can have them with milk or temper it and then enjoy the delicious meal.

8. Sweet Potatoes: 

The orange coloured potato is not just great in taste but also has a good content of vitamin A. This is essential to maintain the healthy eyesight, a good immune system and even the bones. Other than that it is also rich in antioxidants, manganese along with vitamin B6 and C. To meet the daily needs of vitamin A for the body try and have one sweet potato or a cup of chopped pieces and enjoy the day.

9. Berries: 

There is no better natural sweetener than berries which are also filling and the perfect replacement for a fried snack. The richness of berries in fiber is great for your heart, the digestive system mainly the gut and helpful in curbing hunger. The even better news is that you can mix all the kinds you like and have them because they are just so great for the human body. Take them in the breakfast or toss some of them in tiffin and have then while working, anything that suits you is fine because berries love you. They have vitamin C, anti-cancer properties and even anti-oxidants.

10. Eggs: 

We know there are lovers of the egg out in the world for the taste of it. But that is not the only reason for its popularity. They are also a great source of high-quality protein, the two antioxidants which are great for the human eye- zeaxanthin and lutein. Other than that, the lutein in egg yolk can provide protection against the skin-damaging UV rays.

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Prakash Rao
Prakash Rao
Prakash M Rao is a clinical biochemist from Institute of Science Mumbai who also is an MBA in Marketing was an Associate Editor of the magazine “ Foods & Drinks” and CEO of NutraSphere currently handles a variety of consultancy assignments in foods,

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