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heat treatment
By FLORA DURAN 2,133 views

Perks of Heat Treatment Technology

It never gets old. Bed bugs continue to plague many states in the United States. As desperate homeowners complain about the troubles caused by those minute pesky critters, bed bug removal services have become increasingly in demand, and pest control companies have never been busier.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs, although they are wingless creatures, move and spread fast. With their very tiny size and special hitchhiking aptitude, they can effortlessly travel to any place and enter a household without being noticed. Moreover, they prefer fabric and so they would usually lodge onto materials with soft furnishings like clothing, linens, upholsteries, suitcases, shoes, backpacks, mattresses, etc. They would also conveniently hide in small cracks and holes of objects such as furniture, electrical outlets, lamps, drawers, cabinets, bookshelves, wallpapers, and many more. As long as they can stay close to people (their blood meal), especially at night, these annoying crawlies will seek refuge in dark areas near the bed.

Bed bugs are considered nocturnal because they are typically active at night, which is their feeding time when people are fast asleep. They discreetly suck the blood of their host for about 10 minutes. As a result, the victims will acquire red bite marks on their skin. What causes people’s discomfort and restless nights is the fact that bed bug bites are known to be extremely itchy, way itchier than mosquito or tick bites, that some people will scratch like crazy. The scratching can further lead to inflammation and infection.

Heat Treatment for Bed Bug Infestation

Effective pest control as far as bed bugs are concerned is very challenging. Services such as heat treatment, chemical treatment, and fumigation have been created by experts to fight bed bug infestation. However, the one that is most preferred by pest control professionals among the three methods is heat treatment or heat remediation.

5 Benefits of Using Heat Treatment

A technology called “endotherm” is utilized for carrying out the heat treatment procedure intended to kill pests like bed bugs. It offers a lot of advantages, the reason it is more widely used than any other bed bug treatment method. Here are the perks of using this technique:

  • It is non-toxic.

This non-chemical treatment technology only uses heat or thermal energy to treat a pest-infested environment. Unlike in chemical treatment, no presence of any chemical is used during the heat remediation process. This method is favored the most by pest control experts for an obvious reason—it is safe for humans, animals, and other beneficial organisms in the environment.

  • It is a one-time treatment.

One of the good things about heat remediation is that there’s only one session needed to conduct and complete the entire treatment procedure. To be exact, heat treatment only entails heating the infested room for at most 10 hours to totally and effectively wipe out all the bed bugs, including their eggs and larvae. Chemical treatment, on the other hand, requires two or more follow-up sessions to guarantee the successful elimination of the pests. In other words, heat treatment is the fastest and less-time consuming solution to a bed bug infestation.

  • It is thorough or intensive.

Through the use of specialized heaters, remote thermometers, and wireless sensors, a temperature of not lower than 120 degrees Fahrenheit and no higher than 150 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a lethal heat for the bugs, shall be maintained in the room during the process. The hot air, which will be circulated in the atmosphere through the help of industrial fans, will then thoroughly travel to and penetrate all potential bed bug hiding spots, even those zones that are challenging to reach.

  • It is less rigorous to do and less expensive.

Heat treatment does not necessarily require occupants or residents to evacuate the entire building during the procedure. Other areas that are not infested and not included for treatment will remain operational; hence, there’ll be no need to spend extra for finding alternative places for the evacuees as the procedure will only be done in a matter of 4 hours or so.

  • It is properly documented.

What makes heat treatment a huge plus is it can be monitored in real-time from a remote space away from the treatment zone. Moreover, detailed documentation of the actual procedure will be provided shortly after the treatment so that homeowners or building proprietors could see themselves the efficiency of the treatment process.

Heat treatment technology is a highly effective method with an efficacy rate of 95 to 100 percent.  Aside from the perks enumerated above, being discreet and non-eye-catching is another advantage of this method. No one will suspect you are dealing with bed bugs on your scheduled visit because, first, it only takes a few hours and just a single visitation from the pest control technicians, and second, the experts will only need to bring heaters and a generator into your home. Applying this method would require homeowners to coordinate and plan with a licensed pest management company.

Flora Duran

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