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By ALICE ROBERTS 3,594 views

Why Should you Hire Online Tutors for your Child’s 11 Plus Preparation in London?

With 11 Plus Exams around the corner in London, you are working day and night with your child to prepare them to do their best. You must be exceeding all limits to find the best resources like past papers, worksheets, books, and so much more to assist them in the preparation. Then why not get them 11 Plus Tuition? Why not hire an online tutor for your child for their 11 Plus Exam Preparation?

Online tuition has become the new normal since the beginning of this year due to Covid -19 and everything closing down. It has lessened the damage done to the education sector from the virus and institutions closing down for a long time. 

Reasons for Hiring Online Tutors–

If you are unable to figure why Online Tutoring is becoming more popular than the old-style private tuitions or taking classes from a private tutor, it’s because of the advantages online tutoring offers to your child. Now, let’s go through some of the benefits of it:

  • 11 Plus Live Classes are more convenient than picking and dropping your child from the tuition every day. Instead, they need a simple internet connection and a laptop, and they can connect with the tutor easily.
  • You are relieved of all the duties of teaching your child and assist them in difficult areas in 11 Plus exam papers.
  • Flexibility is what most parents and students are looking for due to their hectic schedules. Online Tutoring helps them schedule lessons anytime, according to their plan.
  • You get a variety of options of qualified and experienced teachers from around the world, teachers available from around the globe, and you can choose the best according to your child’s needs.
  • Online tutors understand every child is different and teach them according to the method they know best. They are also in favor of regularly discussing the feedback of your child’s progress with you.

We are in favor of providing your children with an additional source of help as studies have already become problematic. The increasing competition, peer pressure, and lack of confidence have made it a necessity.

Many students these days are preparing for the 11 Plus Exam, and it is not a piece of cake. They need to practice 11 Plus Papers, look for good grammar schools in London, and more. 11 Plus exam preparation at home is not easy; hence they need 11 Plus Tuition in London.

Why Is 11 Plus Tuition Important In London?

The 11 Plus Exam is an important part of your child’s academic future and a stepping stone to a successful academic career. It is often considered an important milestone in not only your child’s life but yours as well.

The 11 Plus Exam is an integral part of your child’s academic future and a stepping stone to a successful academic career. It is often considered an important milestone in not only your child’s life but yours as well. This is the ultimate dream of every parent in London.

However, to fulfill this dream, you will need to work as hard as your child or maybe more. You will need to help your child with 11 plus exam practice, from taking 11 Plus English courses to 11 Plus Maths Courses. From 11 Plus Vocabulary to 11 Plus Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning, you will have to know it all, and sometimes it’ll all be a little too overwhelming. This is exactly why you need 11 Plus Tuition.

How will Online Tuition Help?

11 Plus Tuition will not only be helpful for your child but also relieve you from a lot of stress.

  • Your child will be able to prepare according to their schedule and take lessons at any time, making it convenient for you as well.
  • There is an option of qualified and experienced teachers who have complete information on 11 Plus Exams, their courses, and preparation that you might not be able to provide.
  • The 11 Plus Exam Paper has many complex elements, and 11 Plus tutors are aware of that; hence they teach your child with the best possible method that is most suitable to their learning abilities.


Now we understand that you might have your fear and concerns regarding 11 Plus Home Tuition as the experience is relatively new as parents. You must be concerned about the 11 Plus Tuition cost, how you will find a reliable 11 Plus tutor, how you will get feedback on your child’s progress, and much more!

Do not worry, and many Online Tutoring Companies are offering 11 Plus Courses to aid your child in preparing and acing it! Adnan Khan Tutoring is one of them.

How does Adnan Khan Tutoring help?

Adnan Khan Tutoring Company has 20 years of experience in the education sector. They provide online courses for Year 1 to 11, 11 Plus, GCSE, SAT, and much more with exceptionally excellent services.

They have excellent courses to prepare your child for the 11 Plus Exam Preparation, such as 11 Plus English,11 Plus Maths, 11 Plus Vocabulary,11 Plus Verbal Reasoning, 11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning.

They aim to enhance your child’s learning abilities and get them admitted to their preferred Grammar School. They provide your child with all the 11 Plus Exam preparation resources like worksheets, 11 plus past papers. Not only this, they prepare your child by giving them 11 Plus Mock Test practice to tell them what the actual exam will be.

Still, have doubts? Well, we have more!

Adnan Khan tutoring has the most affordable and convenient fee structure. You just have to book a free assessment with them for your child to check your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and they give a plan suitable for your child’s abilities. Their tutors provide regular feedback to parents regularly. You can also take their free trial without any restriction of enrolling your child. 

So, please hurry up and visit their website now to help your child with 11 Plus Exam Preparations!

Alice Roberts

Hi, I am Alice Roberts, and I'm a passionate and professional content writer at Adnan Khan Tutoring. Read my blogs for the latest Tutoring approaches that help all types of learning needs and abilities. Support your child's learning journey with us.

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