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If you are thinking of crane hire service then you must consider a few factors and understand the issue of liability.  Instead of supervising lifting work yourself, it is always recommended to hire crane hire companies to do this difficult task for you.

Crane Expert:

The first thing to do before hiring any crane company is to discuss your requirement with a crane expert. Crane expert can guide you which crane is suitable for your work and help you to choose the right crane from a variety of available cranes i.e Franna Crane, Mini Crane, and Mobile Crane etc. You must hire crane from a reputed company which always provide crane supervisor with a crane who will be responsible for everything pertaining to the lift.

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Site Inspection:

Most of the companies provide cranes without site inspection which can be risky in case of unstable ground conditions. Crane rigging operators & spotters should do site inspection before actual work schedule. After analyzing the situation at the site, they can have a plan to ensure that the work gets done safely.


One of the prominent factors to consider before hiring crane is Insurance. Lifting heavy load using crane is a risk to ensure that you are properly insured against any type of risks. Crane hire contract should include insurance for the loss of the crane or equipment if there is negligence on the part of the owner as well as for loss or damage to third party property. Make sure that you crane hire contract states that the company will be liable for any negligence and inadequate conditions for crane operation.

Lifting Work:

Most crane hire contracts will make the Hirer responsible for the equipment and the operators as soon as they arrive at the site. You must discuss roles & responsibilities with the hiring company. Whether you are looking for lifting heavy equipment or heavy machinery relocation, this type of work cannot be accomplished with a single operator. You must check how many team members will be available for your lifting work.


Choose the company who is having years of experience in lifting work and has successfully completed lifting work. Check the website of the company for their previous client review to have a vote of confidence. Also, check if they have worked in various industries or have specialized in only one type of lifting work. A company must have fully experienced, qualified, and professional rigging team who understand all aspects of the load, conditions on the ground, heavy loadings, and crane capacity.

Rental Price:

Keeping all the above points in mind you should compare the rental price of different companies to choose the most affordable and reliable crane hire service. Select the most reliable crane hire company which delivers high-quality equipment at a competitive price whilst ensuring customer satisfaction and needs.

If you will consider all the above points before hiring crane service then your Crane Hire experience is a success. Project Cranes and rigging company is the one crane Hire Company who values your time, money & safety. So you can discuss your requirement of crane hire in Melbourne to get a prompt and affordable crane hire service.

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  • Jenna Hunter says:

    I can see how it could be really useful for a business to make sure that they are really safe when they are using equipment and can rent it from people. Renting from a professional could help ensure that the crane is safe, and that it is well maintained so it won’t break. It was interesting to learn about how they should have a reasonable price while having a lot of experience, insurance, and expertise.

  • Levi Armstrong says:

    It’s great that you mentioned that it’s important to hire a crane service with tons of experience under their belt and has a professional rigging team. The construction of our commercial building needs heavy rigging, so Dad plans on hiring a crane service soon. I’ll share this article with him to use as a guide in finding a reputable crane service in the city. Thanks.

  • Alice Carroll says:

    You made a good point that insurance is an important factor to consider when it comes to hiring a crane service. I’d like to know more about all the kinds of equipment I can hire for the construction of my dream home. That way, I can make sure that I would be ready should the site ever need one.

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