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Liverpool airport taxi
By JOE MAILLET 789 views

Why Hiring Taxi Cab in Liverpool is Beneficial for People?

The topic of using taxi cabs in the United Kingdom is of great importance. Taxicabs are regulated in the country by a regulatory authority in London. There are many private hire cab companies in various cities like Liverpool, London, Manchester, Bristol, and Newcastle. With the rising trend of taxicab over the past few years, many firms are competing to create an impact on customers.

Unfortunately due to the public transport system in the country, planning a trip to the airport or any other destination in Liverpool is becoming harder for the citizens. There are a lot of problems related to taxi cab services in the city such as not following road safety rules, unlicensed drivers, and unfair taxi fares.
Therefore, this post will guide you regarding why hiring a taxi in Liverpool is the best decision to travel hassle-free and cost-effective.

Taxicabs system of Britain

The Public Carriage Office (PCO) regulates the licenses of taxis and minicabs. In London, Metropolitan Police is also a part of the transport system. In 2015, the statistics reveal that there were 298,000 licensed drivers in England. Out of these drivers, almost 164,000 were hired by private companies to provide cab services to customers.
Minicabs are private hire vehicles in the country that facilitate passengers to travel to and out of Liverpool. These vehicles may include a 4 door saloon that has ample space to accommodate five passengers. However, Minivan is a vehicle that is able to carry 5 to 8 passengers. Besides, there are chauffeur cars that are a subset of private hire. These are higher caliber cars such as Mercedes or Jaguar that charge higher from customers and offer more comfortable services and courteous drivers. Some drivers wear a uniform and use pre-booking systems via websites. However, a hackney carriage driver can pick up a passenger on the street without prior booking.
In the whole United Kingdom with the exception of London, “private hire” vehicles are available with drivers that carry passengers only with a prior booking status. The private hire cabs tradition started in the 1960s. The system allowed people to book a minicab using their phone or an Internet connection. It even allows people to book a cab using a fax.
People can book a minicab whenever it is required from home by calling an officer sitting in the office. That makes their Liverpool airport transfers very convenient. Liverpool airport taxi works in London and many other cities. Liverpool has a metropolitan area where the streets are complex. Therefore, it is inevitable for people to hire Liverpool airport taxi service to accomplish their work and personal goals more cost-effectively. Let us see how?

Taxi Drivers Must Meet Some Conditions in Liverpool

There are several factors that determine the fares of taxi drivers. Some private taxi owners keep the entire fare of the taxi after reducing the costs to operate the taxi. A taxi company can decide its policies to decide the fares and salaries of drivers to make the business more effective for its customers.

Any driver who drives a cab must have a standard license issued by the traffic authorities in the UK. Drivers are also needed to pass a test and also undergo a rigorous background check or drug abuse history. Drivers may also meet the age requirements depending on the laws.

According to the Liverpool City Council, drivers and cab operators must meet certain conditions to hold taxi licenses. Even before applying for a taxi license, a number of steps should be followed. Taxi owners are also required to ensure that taxis have appropriate number plates that are up to date. The Council can also enforce license standards and procedures on taxi drivers and companies for the security of passengers.

Also, in Liverpool, the city council also requires drivers to possess related qualifications before they can even apply for a new drivers’ license. Therefore, driving a Liverpool airport taxi is not easy for a driver without a valid license, skill, and background check.

Finally, Liverpool Echo reveals that taxi drivers in the city are required to have ample knowledge and pass a knowledge test in addition to an exam in conversational English to interact with international customers. The Council’s licensing committee also signed a plan to ensure drivers have the right numeracy skills and English skills as well.

The street knowledge test for Liverpool drivers is recommended by the Council’s manager. The testing fee is £65.00 and the drivers have to pass the test in two attempts, otherwise, £30.00 will be charged for an additional test.

All these facts and stats show that drivers that are licensed to drive a taxi Liverpool are the most competent people on the wheels. You can hire a reliable taxicab service in Liverpool and let the drives take you on a smooth journey to the desired destination.

Hiring the Trusted Cab Service in Liverpool

As mentioned above, stress-free and comfortable travel is not possible in Liverpool while depending on public transport or bus service. To get a live pool airport taxi service that is experienced, cost-effective, and high-quality, you need to consider a company that hires the most competent drivers with a multitude of skills. Whether you want to travel to John Lennon Airport or want to book a taxi for meeting your business partner in Liverpool, JustCabbie offers a wide range of taxi cars and vehicles to satisfy your needs.

The professional Liverpool airport taxi service JustCabbie is all you need for making your business trip worthwhile. First, our drivers are our biggest assets in addition to our latest high-quality vehicles. The impeccable services ensure that we provide you the drivers who have a plethora of skills including:

  • Math and English Language Skills
  • Friendly attitude
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Numerical tests passed drivers
  • Complete knowledge of Liverpool inter-city routes
  • Having reasonable qualifications or degrees
  • Knowledge of every neighborhood
  • Calculate fare and change for customers effectively

JustCabbie also ensures that before hiring any cab drivers for Liverpool customers, drivers have valid documents and also have no history of drug abuse or sexual harassment charges. We avoid hiring “wanna-be-cabbies” and prefer only knowledgeable male and female drivers to follow the routes of Liverpool competently for you. Therefore, our taxi drivers possess a good character and meet the strict requirements regarding any negative record.

Moreover, our taxis are authorized by local authorities with valid number plates. Due to coronavirus restrictions, all our drivers are required to wear face masks and follow SOPs required for passenger’s safety. We contribute to positive taxi services in Liverpool to provide you the best Liverpool airport taxi service to positively impact your life.

The Bottom Line

As you know hiring a reliable and cost-effective Liverpool airport taxi service requires research and a thorough background check of the company, JustCabbie is one great network of cabs, buses, and minivans that helps you to replace public transport easily. In a cost-effective manner, JustCabbie allows customers to enjoy their ride with our well-trained and courteous drivers. You will not regret hiring JustCabbie services in Liverpool to make your next Liverpool airport transfer more satisfactory. Book the best taxi service in 2 minutes and get a timely pickup service to travel to any location.

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