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Easy and Simple Home Cleaning tips that you Need to Know
By JOE MAILLET 2,437 views

Easy and Simple Home Cleaning tips that you Need to Know

Maintaining a clean house doesn’t have to be as difficult as it feels right now. You just need to know the right tricks! Here’s a peek into some effective home cleaning tips smart home managers use to clean their places all the time!

Shaving Foam to Remove Stains from Clothes:

Remove Clothes Stains

Tired of replacing your cushion covers every time you spill spaghetti sauce on them? Don’t want to throw your favorite white shirt away because you got lipstick marks on them? Well, you don’t have to! Try using shaving foam to clean them instead! Might sound like I’m kidding, but give it a try and see it for yourself. Take a little amount of shaving foam and rub it on the stain you need to remove. Leave it for 30 minutes or even overnight if the stain is stubborn. Just pay it dry after. Make sure to test it out on a similar fabric beforehand to assure that the foam doesn’t damage the fabric.

Dryer Sheets for Cleaning Pans:

The grease and grime stuck to the base of your pans is the most difficult to rinse out while washing dishes. Lucky for you, we have a trick to get those out easily. Dryer sheets to the rescue! Leave your dirty pan in the sink and pour a little amount of dish soap and warm water into it along with a dryer sheet. Let this sit for about two to three hours. When you pour the water out, you’ll find removing the grime from the pan as easy as scooping ice cream!

Grape Fruit and Salt for Cleaning Bathtub:

The citric acid in grape fruits can be used to clean bathtubs! Who knew, right?! Throw in an extra grapefruit into your cart while at the grocery store next time. Cut the fruit in half, cover the exposed part in salt and scrub your bathtub with it! The salt creates a scrubber-like texture for the stains to stick to and the citric acid melts the stains until they easily come off. Try this combination for a squeaky-clean bathtub. Thank us later!

Washable Mop:

Washable Mop

Get a mop that you can throw into the washer for it to come out clean. Remember the movie Joy where they made a mop that had a detachable head they could throw into the washer and it would come out clean as new? Isn’t such a bad idea right? Well, storing a mop wet is like housing a huge load of bacterial growth. It is actually so dirty that it can’t even be disinfected with a regular disinfectant. Imagine “cleaning” your house with that mop every day. Gross. Invest a mop that you can wash after every cleaning session so that it’s free of germs and can be used again and again.

Microwave Sponges to Disinfect Them:

You use the same sponge to clean your dishes every day. Imagine the amount of bacteria it is accumulating over time. Clean those sponges by microwaving them at full power after having slightly dampened them. This reduces the bacterial contaminated in them by a whopping 99%. Although make sure that your sponge doesn’t have metal parts or things can go south pretty quick and your microwave will be seriously damaged.

Baking Soda to Clean your Mattress:

We clean our bed sheets, bed covers, pillowcases, and even blanket covers. But who cleans their mattresses that often? Yeah, it’s kind of a hassle but you should try to clean it at least once in a month. All you need to do is vacuum your mattress, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on it and leave it for some time, say 3-4 hours. Vacuum the mattress again and what you’re left with is a cleaner and odorless mattress to dive into after a stressful day at work!

Homemade Solutions for Cleaning the Shower:

Cleaning the Shower

Cleaning your shower is one tedious process. It is a tiny space but can develop so much bacterial and fungal growth that it needs to be cleaned regularly. Use these homemade solutions to get rid of all kinds of stains and germs from your shower. Mix 3 quarts of warm water, half a cup of ammonia and half a cup of distilled white vinegar. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and empty your shower. Make sure the shower’s ventilated and wet the walls. Make a solution of water and chlorine bleach in 2:1 ratio and get to the mildew on the grout; then move on to the grime. Apply the spray and wait for some time for it to work before sending them off the walls. Dry the surface and voila! Your shower is good as new! If that feels like a lot of work, there are cleaning companies that can help keep your shower clean too!

Clean your Cutting Board with Lemon:

Wooden cutting boards can’t just be put into a dishwasher. What you can do is rub a lemon with a little bit of salt on the surface of the board. That will do the trick. Spread kosher salt evenly on the surface of your cutting board and rub half a lemon on it. Let the board sit for a few minutes and clean it with water. Now, it’s spotless!

Newspapers for Glass Surfaces:

Stop using tissue papers or paper towels to clean your mirror. Use newspapers to wipe the surface of your mirrors or window panes, to make them squeak!

Dusting with Lint Roller:

Spilled glitter on the floor while making your masterpiece of a craft? Got cat hair all over the place? Just get your lint roller rolling and remove almost 100% of particulate matter off of any surface! This really works; try it!

Ammonia for Gas Stove:

Gas Stove

This last trick is the best for cleaning your gas stove without having to wipe every tiny part of it. Remove the removable parts of the burner and stash them into a sandwich zip-lock. Pour a quarter cup of ammonia and seal the bag. Let it stay overnight and just wipe off the grime and gunk off the parts the next day!

Were these home cleaning tips useful? Did you know any of these? What are you waiting for? Get to your cleaning sessions now!

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