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By LIAM SMITH 527 views

Ideas for Spring Home Exterior Transformation

Winter is finally over and as we enjoy the favorable spring weather we are becoming lenient before the summer heat. In just a couple of months, the punishing Australian sun is going to hit our property and everything that we keep outside will start to fade, quite literally. That is why a spring home exterior transformation should take this fact into account and create an environment in which any yard in New South Wales, for instance, will be pleasant enough to spend time in during August. You might have guessed that this implies a strong shade and a few other things that you should be aware of.

Blend in the utility boxes

The façade of your house is probably “decorated” with an electricity meter, a gas meter or some other meter that you probably do not know what it is exactly for. No matter how cumbersome this structure is, you can always make it blend into the décor of the yard by painting it in the same color as the outer walls of your house. This way, all that ugly silver, black or grey will change color as a chameleon and blend into the façade of your house. Just be aware that in some cases you will have to get consent from the gas or power company to alter the look of the meter, depending on the legislation in your country. As a bonus for those homeowners who have a white house, the meters will repel sunrays because of their bright color, so the risk of overheating will effectively be reduced.

Repainting the front door

If you want to increase the curb appeal of your house instantly, the best thing you can do is repaint the front door. It had probably seen some battering after years in use. During winter it probably froze overnight and in summer it was exposed to the strong Australian, so it is no wonder that the paint has started to dry out and chip away. You might want to opt for a more sturdy and secure door. If that is not possible then a fresh coat of paint is the best thing you can do for the front façade. The best thing is that you needn’t repaint the door in the same color as before. If the front door was grey or black, you can opt for a brighter hue, like yellow or light blue. By painting those four square meters, you completely altering the look of your house for virtually no cost or effort.

Doing the entire façade

A repainted front door might alter the appearance of the entire house but you will still know the poor state the façade is in. That is why you can opt to do the entire façade on all four sides! This way, any heat or water damage will be removed and your object will once more be energy-efficient. Furthermore, the color of the façade will be renewed as the old façade probably faded out in the sun that is the strongest in seaside cities such as Sydney or Melbourne. Just make sure that the company you contract for home rendering in Sydney accepts smaller projects like your residential housing unit. When you get in touch with them, you can inquire whether cement or acrylic rendering is best for your home.

Improve the pathways

If you own a backyard garden, then you probably have several pathways inside it. We will make a wild guess that they were made provisionally and you haven’t bothered to improve them in any way. Well, spring is the ideal time to spruce up the pathways and make them aesthetically appealing, apart from being functional. First, you have to choose the material which can be concrete, cobblestone or gravel. In order to save money, you can salvage some old stones or concrete block and use them for paving the walkways. Once you plant some flowers along the edges of the pathways you will no longer be able to recognize your backyard that has changed for the better.

A new mailbox

As far as curb appeal is concerned, the mailbox probably isn’t the first thing you think of. That is why that wooden pole had been standing in front of your house for years, decades even! You need to do something about it fast, as it has the power to annul every spring exterior transformation you make. If nothing else, you can repaint it, with special attention to the flag that should shine bright red. Furthermore, you need to check the structural integrity of the beam, the end cap, and the brace because the last thing you need is for the mailbox to fall off one day. If you really wish to pimp it out, a stone pole with a ball top should really make your house number stand out.

The improvements listed here are just the tip of the iceberg of the solutions you can apply to your house in the springtime. Use the fair weather between the winter freeze and the scorching summer temperatures to make a dazzling and weatherproof home exterior.

Liam Smith

Liam Smith is a young and aspiring Australian blogger with a passion for everything related to home, design and lifestyle. He has a B.Sc. in Interior design and is an avid reader.