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home improvement
By NEIL WHITE 1,329 views

12 Must-Have Tools for Home Improvement Projects

Being a homeowner means you’ll probably have to do some quick fixing around the house. Or, perhaps, you’re a DIY enthusiast who just loves hammering away your days of retirement. Either way, you’ll need a set of affordable and decent-quality tools to help you realize your projects.

However, since there are so many tools to be had, which ones should you pick? Here’s a quick list of the most essential must-have tools any handyman should have on them at all times. Let’s take a look!

1. Hammer

The most basic and versatile tool in your arsenal will be a hammer. Whether you’re driving nails or pulling them out, or you’re trying to bang that stubborn Ikea shelf together, a nice 16-ounce claw hammer is what you need. Hammers come in a variety of prices, but you can always get a sturdy specimen with a fiberglass handle at an affordable price.

2. Screwdrivers

Look in any man’s toolbox, and you’ll invariably find several types of screwdrivers there. Whether you’re looking to take down a cabinet, disassemble a radio or fasten the shower curtain rod, you’ll need one. As with hammers, they’re pretty affordable, and you can find a set including both Philips and flat-head screwdrivers of various sizes pretty much anywhere.

3. Level

For those that like to dabble in carpentry a little more, you’ll need a good level. There are many kinds, with extra measuring chambers, but a simple, basic one will suffice for most jobs and projects. They come in wood, aluminum, and plastic, and they’re all fairly cheap and long-lasting.

4. Hardware

Something any DIY-er worth his salt has is a few extra nails and screws. A useful thing to have, since you’ll have to run to the hardware store every time you need to hang a picture if you don’t have any nails or screws available.

5. Toolbox

Where else would you put all your tools, but in a toolbox? An aluminium toolbox in Australia is pretty easy to find, and there are many brands that will happily sell you a sturdy one at a very good price. Alternatively, you can opt for plastic ones, and the size of the box will usually be dictated by the number of tools you have.

6. Handsaw

Another must-have tool for those who dabble in carpentry. If you like creating things from scratch, you’ll probably need a good saw to cut lumber down to size.You may get overwhelmed with the different steel hand saw types available in the market today. You can visit the following link for your buying guide on Best Of Machinery

7. Reciprocating Saw

For those feeling a little daring, a reciprocating saw is a good choice of tool. They’re faster than handsaws, and, due to their smaller blades, they can be used to reach some hard-to-reach places. However, such a saw is certainly going to be more expensive, so make sure you buy a quality tool that will last you for a long time.

8. Drill

Whether you like power tools or not, you’ll certainly want a drill. They come in cordless and corded varieties, with corded ones being more affordable. Drills are very versatile too, as they can be used to drive screws and sand surfaces as well as drill holes, provided you’ve got the appropriate bits and sanding heads.

9. Adjustable Wrench

An essential tool to have next to screwdrivers and a hammer is an adjustable wrench. Like the screwdrivers, you can get a set of these for a fairly low price, and in multiple sizes too.

10. Utility Knife

There are always new and unique uses for a utility knife, making it the most versatile tool in your arsenal, and simply a must-have tool. Whether you need to trim wallpaper, or open boxes, sharpen a stick or even use as a makeshift screwdriver, you need a good blade in your pocket at all times. They’re also usually foldable, so they’re small, easy to store and rather inconspicuous.

11. Tape Measure

There can be no building without precise measurements. A thing almost any household has is a tape measure. These useful items come in simple rolled up tape variety or in a plastic container. For easier handling, chose the container variety, as the plastic container ones usually have buttons that let you hold out the tape at a certain length or retract it with a single press.

12. Pliers

Last, but not least, are pliers. A good set will set you back maybe a dozen bucks, but they’ll last a long time and they’re virtually indispensable. Whether you need to fix a sink, or simply hold on to something you can’t hold with your bare hand, a pair of pliers should always be at your side.


And, with that, we’ll call it a day on this project. These 12 items are a must-have for any household, whether you’re a good handyman, or mediocre at best. There are more tools out there, of course, so be sure to research and write down all the ones you need for your home before you start cutting. Until then, cheers!

Neil White

A journalist from Sydney, Australia.

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