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General Terms That You May Find Common in Most Home Inspections Reports
By EADA HUDES 10,093 views

General Terms That You May Find Common in Most Home Inspections Reports

Home inspections should only be conducted by an expert team. This means that everything during and after the inspections will be carried out in a very professional manner. Once the inspection has been conducted by an expert team, a home inspection report will be generated.

This report will be submitted to the client for reference. You can hire the best home inspection in Centennial regarding the true format of the general home inspection report. Expert home inspectors will always follow a fixed format for the report.

What does a good report include?

In general, any report will include some important elements. These elements may also be in the form of simple symbols. It could include the different areas in and around the property that the home inspector is expected to inspect.

You may not find any element included in the report that is not related to the property inspection. The report format and elements may vary for both commercial and residential property.

Some key symbols that are commonly used by any home inspector in the report

There are still a few symbols that you may find very often mentioned in the report. These symbols are common abbreviations used in the home inspection field. They also related to the response made by the home inspection team, during the inspection time.

  1. Functional

If the inspector has mentioned “functional” or “f” in the report, then it means that the device or appliance inspected is in working condition. if it has been used for the heating unit, then you can know that it is in working condition, when it was inspected.

  1. Not inspected

In general, you may find this mentioned very rarely in the home inspection report. If there is an appliance or a part of the property that is mentioned in the report, then it has to be inspected by the expert team. But if the team was unable to access it or locate it, then it may not have been inspected.

If this happens then the home inspector will always mention NI” or “Not Inspected” in his report.

  1. More evaluation needed

Home inspectors are not technical persons. They may not have the knowledge related to the internal issues with the heating unit or any other appliance. So they will generally ask for expert advice or evaluation. This is when they will always mention “further evaluation has to be done” by an expert team.

So if you find this mentioned in the report then you have to take your precautions and get it inspected by an expert team.

  1. Deferred maintenance

Any appliance may not have been well maintained. It may need to be served. This is when the report will mention “DM” or “Deferred Maintenance”.

Always keep in mind that you have to understand the report based on the symbols used by the expert home inspector.

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