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As a homeowner, you are well aware that regular maintenance is equally important to the quality of the original setting. Just as your body needs water, certain vitamins, minerals, and physical activity and going to various doctors for checkups, it is the same as your home. The only difference is the area of specialty for doctors – instead of a physician or a neurologist, your home will need an electrician and a plumber. 

Instead of vitamins and minerals, your home will need a fresh layer of paint, or fertilizer for your lawn. If you look at things from this perspective, it might help you realize that you simply aren’t qualified enough to deal with certain issues.       

Electricity repairs

There are so many reasons why, if not an expert in the field, you really shouldn’t try to deal with electricity-related issues on your own, even if your personality type screams “Do It Yourself enthusiast”! Let’s start with risking your own safety, and continue in the same vein with putting other members of your family in danger. If you are a DIY enthusiast and want to learn to do these kinds of repairs, we are begging you to start with observations and note-taking while the professional in the field is doing their job. There are great dangers involved, not only that you or someone else present in your home at the time can get electrocuted, but you can also do serious damage to the property. 

Are you aware that there are various electricity-related projects that require a licence to do it? This is not something that electricians have made up to make you spend money, it is simply too dangerous without proper tools and knowledge of currents. We understand it can be incredibly tempting to at least try to fix it by yourself, but considering the possible hazards to both people and the environment, we are strongly advising against it! If you skip even one step that is important, short-circuiting or death of all electrical appliances you own could be the smallest problem you have caused.             

Architectural and structural repairs

Again, no matter how confident you might feel in being able to follow the instructions carefully, some things are and should be a huge and obvious no in terms of doing it yourself. Just consider the area you are an expert in, and imagine an architect trying to do it. You will probably think how there is no way they are going to be able to perform it, and bear in mind the same goes otherwise. Anything related to the structural repairs such as roof repairs, interior, and exterior cladding, and similarly should be left to the professionals. By using services such as Olam Clad offers, you will be sure that all the work is done in compliance with the necessary regulations, for your own safety. 

The rule “When there is a will, there is a way” is simply not true in this case. Not only the work won’t be done within the regulations, but you are also putting yourself in danger. This is especially the case for any roof-related work, where the injuries can be serious in cases of not having the proper equipment – the harness for example. Furthermore, this is the kind of work you want to invest money in, as if not done properly, you’ll be dealing with the leakage and other issues for years to come.   

Major plumbing repairs

Okay, another crucial aspect of your life where you need to come to terms you’re not an expert in is related to major plumbing work. Literally anything that involves the main supply line is something you shouldn’t even consider doing. Problems that can arise with bad plumbing work are not going to be life-threatening as uneducated work with the electricity, but bear in mind that water can be one of the strongest enemies on Earth. Of course, you can handle some minor repairs, such as replacing your faucet or a showerhead but trust us, the damage you can cause by trying to install a new toilet requires a lot more knowledge than you are imagining.

The thing is, anything even closely related to actually modifying your plumbing system is a job for professionals. The smallest mistake can lead to the smallest leakage which will further lead to enormous damage and possibly a flood. So the only question is whether you are willing to risk that by performing a task out of the reach of your expertise, just so you’ll be able to feel good about yourself.       


Don’t get us wrong, having a type of personality that craves to learn to do all kinds of tasks is only worthy of praise. But there are certain limits you should impose on yourself, being aware that there is a reason people call professionals for some jobs. As we’ve already mentioned, don’t be shy to ask all kinds of questions and make notes during the repair, as it might help you understand the processes happening. Perhaps it will enable you to do that, or a similar task in the future by yourself. The only thing that matters is asking yourself a question: are you putting yourself, others, or your property in danger by feeling capable of doing a repair with no professional guidance.

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