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Immunity booster
By JOE MAILLET 1,067 views

Covid-19: How Homeopathy Medicine helps to Boost your Immunity

In wake of the current corona virus pandemic, yes we have specific medicines in homeopathy that can boost the immunity of the masses against this pandemic.  According to the founder of homeopathy Dr Samuel Hahnemann, in the case of epidemics, genus epidemics can help to boost the immunity of the population against that particular disease.

After thorough studies on the patients suffering from the epidemic disease, one is able to find a single or a group of medicines that becomes genus epidemics for that epidemic. It is ensured that a wide variety of sufferers of the disease are included in the study. For this, patients of different age groups, both sexes and living in different geographical areas are included. This medicine can not only efficiently treat patients of that epidemic disease but at the same time when administered to healthy individuals among the masses, it can boost their immunity against that particular disease and thus helps in prevention.

In present epidemic of Coronavirus two medicines i.e. Arsenicum Album and Camphor have emerged as promising homeopathic medicines to treat and prevent COVID- 19 infections.

On the other hand, if a person is having any preexisting diseases, it indicates that there is a disturbance in the internal dynamics of the patient.  It is quite likely that when such a person gets exposed to infections, his immune system might succumb and the person will fall sick. But if such a person is already on homeopathic constitutional medicines for the preexisting disease condition or starts taking it now, he needs no further immunity booster medicines. His constitutional medicine which is capable to harmonize the internal economy will also stimulate the immune system to work at its best.

Constitutional medicine is prescribed in any individual case of disease after thorough case taking by a trained homeopathic physician. Attention is paid to find the exact cause in each individual case. In homeopathy, it is believed and often seen that not only physical factors can lead to diseases.

Excess of stress, emotional imbalance, and personality traits are the psychological factors that can also lead to diseases in an individual. Therefore during the case taking session the physician skillfully elicits symptoms from both the mental and physical spheres of the patient. If needed, the past medical and family history of the patient is also well probed for this. The constitutional medicine thus prescribed that covers the cause and the effects of the disease is the best medicine that can boost the immunity of the individual.

Joe Maillet

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