These days, customers are less likely to respond to promises and banner advertising. What people want is to see and hear stories about regular individuals. Stories help them understand the brand. If you want to significantly increase occupancy and revenue, create a genuine brand story.

Storytelling should be a priority because it enables you to develop a connection with the audience. Use it in your marketing efforts. Customers don’t trust traditional forms of marketing anymore, so you have to do something different and special. So, send the right message at the right time.

Think About What Makes Your Hotel Stand Out

Each hotel strives for distinctiveness. Companies in the hospitality industry understand what their customers value and strive to meet their expectations. You’re no different from them. You just need to figure out what makes your hotel unique.

There’s one tiny element that distinguishes your business from that of the competitors. What is it? What is your competitive edge? Well-known hotel brands such as Premier Inn, Ibis Styles, and MacDonalds put all their faith in their services and knew how to seize the opportunity. You might want to do the same.

Build Emotion into Your Homepage

The website is the first place where prospective guests look for information about the hotel. So, make the homepage enticing and emotional. Emotion plays an important role on the Web. If you want to strike a chord in your customers, leverage color psychology. Various hues can transmit subtle messages. Most importantly, you should:

  • Include images that have value – No image can be less damaging than a bad image. Use images that are findable and don’t slow down your site. The photos must invite the guests to come in. Make sure they have a human touch.
  • Nail the homepage message – If the copy doesn’t clearly and effectively communicate your message, remove it right away. Tell people how or what you can do to positively impact their lives. And guess what? You’ll elicit an emotional response.

Speak the Language of Your Customers

Good communication is always about the customer. Know who you’re talking to and adjust your language accordingly. Use the pronouns you, your, yours as often as you can. The last thing you want is for your message to come across as self-centered.

Don’t use words that you wouldn’t normally utilize in normal life. Let go of the formalities. If you’re a green hotel, talk about ADVANTAGES and don’t waste your time crafting descriptions. If you do, you risk losing readers.

The Adventure Can’t Happen Without You

Stories help position your hotel as a leader. If you’ve got a good story to tell, why keep it for yourself? Current and prospective hotel guests want you to tell your story. The adventure can’t start without you, anyway. It begins at the end of the road that you know.

If you take a close look at successful hotels’ sites, you’ll understand why they are so loved by customers. Big hotel brands associate themselves with the destinations they’re actively promoting. This way, they build a powerful connection. Basically, you should take advantage of the location where you’re based.

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