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9 Tips to Modernize a House: Architecture and Design

Tired of your home’s exterior? If you’re thinking of moving house or demolishing and rebuilding your old residence stop right there! Namely, there are at least 9 design solutions that involve architectural changes that will modernize your home in ways you never imagined possible.

Take advantage of the view

If you own a piece of real estate with a view, the structure’s architecture needs to reflect this. Start by turning the house towards the view and installing glass doors. The interior should blend with the exterior, so you can enjoy the view from your garden. Taking advantage of the view isn’t purely for pleasure, as your property can fetch a better price when it goes up for sale.

Open up a house to a body of water

There are houses with a view but there are also houses at the bank of a river or a lake. Your home doesn’t have to be opulent to feature a quay or a small pier behind it. A nautical getaway is a perfect addition to any home, as it grants you access to a body of water, whether it’s a streamlet or a large lake. The pier can be connected directly to the porch.

The front yard gateway

Houses in the suburbs often feature a verdant lawn in front of the house. Tall trees are usually planted behind the house, so as not to disrupt the view but if you plan smart, you can benefit from front yard foliage.

Namely, two tall trees, such as palms, can stand on both sides of the driveway, acting as a gateway to your residence. If there is a tall fence in front of the house, decorate the archway above the gate with ornaments such as statuettes.

Cladding the roof

Admittedly, shingles and tiles are widely used nowadays but cladding made of copper is also popular. This contemporary architectural design is popular with architects because it ages organically, sort to say. You might have noticed copper roofing in heritage sites before and for a good reason. Copper is non-corrosive and flexible, so the patina effect it produces comes without rust, common in other metals.

A brick façade

Cement rendering is the most common solution used for covering walls of residential structures. However, bricks are a far better solution in terms of aesthetics. They convey a modern look and add opulence to your home. A brick façade is easily maintained, as you can spray-wash it. Just be careful about the appearance of mold between the tiles.

Installing solar panels

There is hardly a feature more modern and high-tech than solar panels. They can be used to cover the existing roof surface, adding a sleek look to it. After a decade or two, solar panels on your roof will become profitable and you will start exporting electricity. You can update the office with solar panels as well.

Add a second-story veranda

Several centuries back, mansions used to feature porches on two levels. You can replicate this historical look by adding a second-story veranda. The slanted roof is probably sitting unused, so why not add another level and then used the new, elevated roof for a gable or two.

Gravel as a material for paving

Large estates feature grand entrance and large driveways. You can “steal” some of this opulence by adding gravel to the walkways and the driveway. Unlike concrete, gravel does require regular maintenance. Ever half a year you should add another sack of gravel to replenish the pathways.

A chimney on the side

We’ve mentioned earlier several ways to update your roof. However, all this effort will be in vain if the roof isn’t waterproof. The weakest places on the roof are the openings, such as the air vent, skylight, and chimney. Therefore, the latter can be relocated along the side of the house. This way, your roof will have one weak spot less.

As you have seen from our examples, there are countless architectural and design solutions you can introduce to modernize your home. Some of these are expansive, while others are affordable but in the end, it all comes to your level of innovativeness.

Sarah Jessica Smith

Sarah Jessica Smith is a young blogger from Sydney. She is in love with life and all the things that can make her daily routine easier. She loves to write about home improvement, lifestyle, and all the small things that make life such a great adventure.