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How can Instagram change the Way Artist do Art Business?

Every now and then, artists are looking for ways to increase the sale of their artworks. However, most of them don’t know this best kept secret of gushing the winds of sales upturn. Yes, the secret is Instagram. As a matter of fact, ever since Instagram application has launched, it has been the best social media platform for increasing the visibility and reach of an individual. It reached a mark of million downloads in no time. Hence, besides allowing an individual to make an account freely, it now also gives the advantage of turning a profile into a business profile. This gives one a lot of insight into things like profile visits, reach of a post, impressions, saves etc.

Thus, in this blog we will tell some basic things that every artist needs to know if he wants to tempt people to buy artwork online from him. Who wouldn’t want to? Take a look!

Ideally, one should upload at least two posts daily when he is new and doesn’t have much followers. However, after gaining at least ten thousand followers one can stick to uploading one post daily. Apart from this, one should upload stories on Instagram, so that the followers are always in touch of what you are doing.

  • Using the Right Hashtags-

Hashtags are the best way of reaching the people who are actually looking to buy dazzling artwork online of the kind which you are selling. You can even get a list of most popular hashtags on Instagram by typing something like ‘Which hashtags should I use for modern art on Instagram?’

  • Writing Catchy Descriptions-

You should prefer writing short descriptions. Also, the descriptions should be engaging and catchy. For instance, you can write phrases like, ‘Working on my new painting. Can you guess from the picture what it is about?’, ‘tag the one you would love to gift this painting to.’

Phrases like these will increase the engagement of the viewers, they will comment and like your post more.

  • Embellishing the captions-

Another fine trick of increasing the viewer engagement would be to embellish your captions. No, you don’t need to put stones and garlands. The best way to embellish any caption is using the right, bright and colorful emojis. However, you should not bombard you caption with irrelevant emojis. Always try to use an adequate amount of emojis.

  • Tagging the right persons and places-

If you have just joined Instagram and want to gain followers quickly, you should make a list of pages which promote profiles or artist and art. Besides this, you can also tag bloggers and celebrities. However, you should not tag people unnecessarily. You can make a portrait of someone and then tag them or should gift them a painting that you made. They as a token of appreciation will give a shoutout to your Instagram profile.

The aforementioned points will increase your reachability and hence will help you in getting in the eyes of those who are looking to buy artwork online.