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Cpr Training
By MARK SIMON 756 views

How CPR Training Should Be Chosen?

When an individual learns that he/she needs a CPR certification, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. There are many certifications available in the market: one is from the American Red Cross, whereas the other one is from the American Heart Association and many more. Hence, some of the tips shown below will help in making the right choice when it comes to a CPR training course.


The CPR Certifications That Are Needed

Most of the people who work in the profession will need a standard CPR certification, which is called CPR for a lame person. The professions that fall into this basic category are-

  • Coach
  • Teacher
  • Camp counselor
  • Personal trainer
  • School bus driver
  • Daycare worker
  • Nanny
  • Babysitter
  • Construction worker
  • Nursing home employee

People who work in healthcare professions need to take an advanced form of a CPR class. The professions that are classified under this advanced certification are-

  • Licensed vocational nurse (LVN)
  • Nurse (RN)
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • Medical assistant
  • Dentist
  • Hospital technician
  • Dental assistant
  • EMT
  • Paramedic
  • Physical therapist
  • Firefighter
  • Occupational therapist

Does the Individual Require an AED Certification?

The individuals should evaluate to see if there is a need to be certified to use the AED. It is the acronym for Automated External Defibrillator, which is primarily designed for the use of the general public. Most of the CPR training modules include lessons on how the AED should be used. The training carried out by All American Heart Association includes modules on AED training.

Does the Individual Need Child and Infant CPR Certification?

Some people mandatorily need a certified CPR training that focuses on children and infants. These people are usually daycare workers or foster parents. The American Red Cross is very efficient in providing this type of CPR training because it splits the training program into two, where one is for adults and the other one is for infants. This CPR training provided by the American Red Cross is the best for child CPR training.

Types of CPR training

CPR is a technique that saves the life in case of medical emergencies. This technique is very useful to save an individual when he/she suffers a cardiac arrest, is saved from near drowning, or suffers from a heart attack. The main components of this technique include artificial ventilation and chest compression. This technique helps in proactively restoring the circulation of blood and the functioning of the brain and other vital parts of the human body. One more area where CPR is useful is when an individual does not breathe or shows irregular breathing patterns. Below are some of the CPR techniques that are taught during CPR training.

  • High-Frequency Chest Compressions: This is one of the primary lessons that are learnt during CPR training. It helps an individual in improving resuscitation that is due to cardiac arrest.
  • Open Chest CPR: This also forms a part of the CPR training. Here, the heart is accessed with the help of a thoracotomy. Compressions in the pressures are formed taking the help of fingers and the thumb or by extending the fingers against the part of the sternum. This technique helps overall in generating the forward flow of blood and the coronary pressure.
  • Interposed Abdominal Compression CPR: This part of the CPR training is basically composed of a 3-rescuer technique, which includes the chest compressor, the ventilation providing rescuer, and the abdominal compressor.  This technique usually consists of conventional compressions integrated with abdominal compressions. This technique is very effective because it helps in improving the diastolic pressure and venom return, which in turn leads to an overall improvement in the perfusion coronary pressure and blood flowing in the other important organs.
Mark Simon

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