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compression socks
By MACKJOHN 1,953 views

How do compression socks work?

The health industry is rapidly creating innovative products for those patients who are suffering from DVT (Deep vein thrombosis) or PE (Pulmonary Embolism). Doctors are playing a major role to guide their patients who are suffering from swollen lower limbs due to blood clots forming in the deep parts of their veins. The compression socks and stockings are designed to prevent blood coagulation and minimize pain.

There are various types of medical garments and mainstream customers get confused while buying compression devices. First, you need to know about compression pumps and stockings in-depth that for what specific purpose they are fabricated and then you will understand the process of using them.

What are compression socks?

The best compression socks for swelling are medical elastic easily stretchable garments that have one purpose to gently apply mild rhythmic pressure on the users’ legs and feet to enhance blood flow. These are the soft fabric that has pressure devices installed in it and compression levels can be operated with external devices or built-in operating touch boards.

Compression garments can be slightly skintight around the toes and ankles but get loosen around the calf and knees.

These socks have distinctive features as compared to regular socks. The smooth fabric is specially designed to provide a comfortable experience to the users and it is not advisable to wash them without proper instructions.

Who uses compression socks?

The compression pumps, stocks, and socks are three main categories of compression devices that are used for treating patients who are suffering from lymphedema, DVT, or PE.

Other reasons persuaded people to use these medical products such as:

  • For reducing pain in swollen limbs.
  • For stopping inflammation of the veins.
  • Enhance the flow of lymphatic fluid in lower limbs.
  • For reducing extremely distended colored spots on lower limbs.
  • Pregnant women to avoid swelling of their veins.
  • Athletes who want to avoid muscle soreness and blood clotting.

How do compression socks work?

The compression garments’ functions are easy to understand as there is no complex system just some pressure chambers that do their role.

The compression pumps are consisting of two major types compression socks and compression stockings:

  • The compression stockings cover your knees, calf muscles, and foot.
  • The socks are just for calf and foot.

The touch sensor device which mostly comes with compression pumps can help you to control the desired pressure on your legs. In the latest advanced best compression socks for swelling, there are attached manual boards which can be operated by the user or nursing staff. When you wear these stockings, they gently squeeze your legs’ muscles and apply compression on the skin to activate blood circulation.

The pressure exertion cycle continues which is set on the manual operating board and will stop after completing the required phases. You can use them anywhere that is the best feature of these medical garments.

If the patient is traveling, they can still utilize the compression devices or can wear them while doing office work or lying on the bed. There are some advantages concerning compression devices that can protect the lives of people suffering from weak blood circulation and swelling.

Things to observe before buying compression socks.

Compression garments are available in stores from various companies.

Certain factors are necessary to observe before purchasing any compression pump from any brand.

  • You need to check the length of these stockings.
  • Confirm that they are washable and have flexible material.
  • The battery of compression stockings must be FDA-approved.
  • The rigid elasticity is a must for compression devices.
  • The pressure exerted from the miniature valves must be between 15mmHG to 30mmHg. If pressure is not within this range, then it may rupture the user’s muscles and veins.
  • Good quality socks can be easily wearable and avoid friction.
  • Make sure they do not give a damp feeling and maintains dry conditions.
  • Purchase those compression devices that are clinically approved and have a good reputation in the market.

Benefits of compression stockings

  • They can decrease muscle soreness.
  • Enhance blood circulation in the legs.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Declines continuous pain in toes.
  • Boost up lymphatic drainage.
  • Prevents blockage of blood vessels.
  • Prevent DVT and PE in the first stages.
  • Increases respiratory and lymphatic system.

Medshoola compression socks

The best DVT compression device suppliers in the U.S health market are Medshoola. They have all the required products to avoid DVT, PE, and Lymphedema. Medshoola offers not only compression stockings but compression pumps that are specifically created for providing effective results and create for their customers.

Medshoola provides four types of compression products that are:

  • Compression Support Socks
  • Compression Stockings.
  • Athletics sportswear high stockings
  • Compression pump with sleeves

Medshoola also offers custom colors for their customers and compression stockings come in black, white, and light brown colors. They provide an ideal range from 30mmHG to 40mmHG. The sizes are small, medium, and large. For the first time, Medshoola socks and stockings are offering open-toe garments for a comfy feeling and FDA-approved battery.

The compression sleeves are also available at Medshoola online store which can be delivered internationally and in major states of the United States of America.

You can buy them at affordable prices from their website preventdvtnow.com


Mr. Mack John occasionally writes about issues faced by students and recent graduates. He is a professional digital marketing expert and avid writer with over five years’ experience working with USA and UK based companies.

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