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How Ecommerce Companies Can Grow During a Recession

In the wake of the community lockdown around the globe due to the coronavirus pandemic, non-essential retailers are forced to shut their doors down until social distancing measures ease. Restaurants are forced to be on a “take-out only” basis, and grocery stores only allow shoppers to enter by batches to limit the number of people inside their premises. As a result, demand for e-commerce companies such as IronbellyTech is soaring. Online consumer dynamics changed overnight thanks to social distancing. More clients are shifting towards digital marketing and website solutions for their advertising needs.

Ecommerce companies like IronbellyTech are oblivious to the situation thanks to the nature of their operations. IronbellyTech caters to digital marketing, e-commerce, and website development focused to meet the needs of the most meticulous of clients. Project planning is also one of the company’s expertise, and executing comes second nature. IronbellyTech crafts creative, functional digital platforms that build brand equity. The company empowers business owners and marketing teams with the tools to execute their digital marketing strategy. From cutting-edge services, we believe that the solutions created today will surpass the possibilities in technology. The company cares for its client’s brands as much as their own. With reliability and professionalism in mind, IronbellyTech makes excellent brand partners for your business.

Given that more people are going online and the nature of operations of an eCommerce company, how can companies exactly take advantage of the situation for healthy, corporate growth? Let’s discuss some steps that a company owner can put into place:


Utilize Work From Home Options

The absence of commuting to the office means more hours(and energy) can be used for work. Cutting the commute also means less tardiness and absence. Employees can be more productive and are happier because they are with their families. You won’t have to pay for office space and supplies. Happier employees mean they are less likely to quit and will increase employee loyalty. And since it’s from home, you can hire the best from anywhere in the world. You can reach out to anyone no matter where they are. We just need a good, speedy internet connection, and a working computer. IronbellyTech is a proponent of this and the company utilizes email and a chat facility to communicate. Files are saved to online storage for easier access among employees.

Focus on Improving Social Media Presence

Since the new normal is limiting people to go outdoors, we have now turned online for our social, entertainment, and even daily needs. Everyone is staying online now more than ever. As a company owner, you can take advantage of this situation by improving your social media presence. You can start by reviewing your account’s content. In fact, IronbellyTech has started cleaning up its social media accounts, and put new refreshing content geared towards the needs of their clients considering the current situation. You can interact with your customers directly through social media. Ask a question and watch how quickly your fans and followers reach out to give you their responses. Customers can even leave messages on your page if they have a customer service concern. Social media marketing enables you to provide them with assistance on-the-spot. A strong social media presence will help us get more prospective customers.

Turn to Email Marketing

Email marketing is a personal way of reaching your target customers. With the recent events, customers now have more time to decide on their next purchase. Email can be tailored to customer actions so that every communication is relevant to their interest. You can cover topics like changes in your company, victories, request feedback to your customer – this list is virtually endless. Email works best when it’s personalized.

Put Some Efforts on SEO

Nowadays people are always using search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and BING before buying something to check reviews of that product. It’s very surprising that some users would even search on how to cook fried chicken. Hence we need to have maximum online visibility for our business in order to generate leads and convert them into sales through the sales funnel. Search engine optimization is simply used to create visibility of your webpage. More traffic is proportional to more sales. A proper SEO of a website helps to rank in search engine page results.

Empathize and Show Social Awareness

Social awareness is defined as being aware of the problems that different societies and communities face on a day-to-day basis and to be conscious of the difficulties and hardships of society. We can show that our company truly cares about by exhibiting social awareness. By being realistic when interacting with other people, we can focus on the truth. To do this, we should look at people objectively, and rather than noticing our differences, try to find your similarities. We cannot change people’s views on things, we can only change our perception and how we treat them. We can also improve social awareness by developing empathy. Empathy entails that we put ourselves in another’s shoes and understand their perspective. To do this you have to truly listen to what someone is saying to you, to make sure you have the correct understanding of what they mean. After this, we will be able to respond to our customers accurately and meet their needs effectively.

These are just some of the practices that IronbellyTech has put into place to continuously grow despite the global recession that we have. They are simple, cost-efficient yet effective. We can only wish for the best for everyone in this pandemic and hope that this ends soon.


The Ironbelly tech is a Chicago, founded IT-company focused on eCommerce.