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By JAMES DEAN 903 views

Ultimate Guide To How Lock Rekeying Works

Lock rekeying involves changing a set of keys for a particular lock. This is usually less expensive than discarding old locks and purchasing new ones. Rekeying protects you from replacing high-security locks with cheap locks that compromise the security of your property. Apart from cost-effectiveness, lock rekeying is appropriate for circumstances such as before occupying a new property or after losing your keys. for more insight, here’s an ultimate guide to how to lock rekeying works.

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Before you learn about lock rekeying, it’s equally important to understand how locks perform in various circumstances. Let’s take a look at them.

Without a key

Trying to open or close the lock without a key leads to pushing the driver pins into the plug. This blocks the sheer line and prevents turning. This explains why your locks won’t turn if you don’t use a key. Lacking an appropriate key for closing or opening your locks won’t give any results. This bars people without the proper key from opening your locks.

Using the wrong key

Inserting a wrong key into a lock blocks the shear line. However, it’s very important to understand that using the wrong key can’t open or close a lock regardless of how much effort you put in. the appropriate key flushes the driver pins with the shear line to lock or unlock the lock. This explains why each lock requires operating with a particular key.

When using the correct key

On insertion of the correct key in the lock, the plug pins. This happens because there’s no blocking of the shear line with driver pins. When operating the lock, you’re likely to see a flush shear line when using the right key in the lock. The correct key for opening or locking your locks is that usually bought with the lock or made by a locksmith on request.

What is lock rekeying?

To rekey a lock requires keeping your current lock but replacing the bottom red pins for a new key. This is a cost-effective way after losing your key or when going to a new home without the need to buy new locks. Lock rekeying is quick and cheaper compared to getting the locks repaired. Although some locks require the use of specialized equipment and tools, hiring a professional Tulsa locksmith near me is the solution.

When to have your locks rekeyed

It’s highly recommended to get your lock rekeyed after losing your key or when you suspect your lock to be in wrong hands. Additionally, calling a locksmith to rekey your locks after firing an employee eliminates their chances of coming back to get back at you. For property managers, rekeying locks gives new tenants that no one else has a key to the property. This offers peace of mind that the property is safe and secure.

How do pin tumbler locks work

Pin tumblers are used for cylinder locks with an exterior casing having a cylindrical hole with a plug. The plug is usually in the middle where the
key is inserted. This makes the key to spin and lock or unlock. Driver pins in the lock push down the housing into the plug through holes drilled at the top of the plug. The driver pins have a spring that pushes down when no key is inserted to limit turning. The shear line is a gap between the lock housing and plug where the pins come down into the plug. Inserting the right key leads the pins to line up unblocking the shear line and allowing the plug to rotate.

Bottom line

Calling a professional locksmith is the right thing to do when you need lock rekeying. This will save you the cost of buying replacement locks and it’s much quicker.

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