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By KIM HANIEPH 1,138 views

How Smoking Can Ruin Your Looks

Smoking is not only bad for your health but also for your appearance. On one side, if it harms your lungs, heart and brain, then, on the other side, it impacts your looks. Not only smoking but using tobacco in any form and for a sustained period of time can ruin your facial charms greatly. And if you are conscious about your look, it’s better you quit the habit today itself to feel confident. If you can’t quit it, then get ready for your overall appearance to be dented over time. This is how you lose confidence as well.

Here are ways in which smoking can ruin your looks –

Poor sleep

Most smokers fail to get a good night’s sleep. Their sleep patter is disturbed, and this harms their looks a lot. In fact, lack of sleep over time could easily cause bags under the eyes. This also happens because smokers tend to be unrested for most of the time and this shows under their eyes.


Even if smoking is not directly responsible for psoriasis, it’s nonetheless true that smokers are more likely to get affected by this autoimmune-related skin condition. The risk of this condition, which is marked by scaly skin, is greater among people who smoke rather than the rest of us. And with psoriasis, you know your looks will be not what you expect.

Icky teeth

Good looks and a perfect smile is not possible unless your teeth are white and bright. Smoking does not allow you that freedom as your dazzling teeth get ruined due to the harmful impacts of chemicals present in tobacco products. The nicotine in cigarettes not only stains and discolours your teeth but also forces you towards several dental problems including tooth decay. So, say goodbye to smoking if you want to be at your confident best. This can be reversed when you get fillings with the Dentist in El Cajon, but you do have to quit smoking to keep your smile healthy after.


Nobody likes premature aging where you look older than you age. Wrinkles are the reason why people start looking older and smoking can cause skin to wrinkle faster or earlier than it would naturally. When you smoke, it impedes the blood supply that keeps skin healthy and rejuvenated. This is how people who smoke look older with their skin not at its shining best. Stop smoking and look your age and keep feeling confident all the time.

Finger and nail staining

Would you like yellow fingers or nails with a tinge of yellowish all over it? It will look bad and can impact your looks as well. Smokers generally have such fingers and nails because nicotine does stain not only teeth but also nails and fingers. And if you still find it hard to quit the habit, it’s better to look for trust some home remedies and dilute those yellowish shades on your skin.

Stretch marks

Smoking can cause your skin to lose its strength and elasticity over a period of time, which eventually leads to stretch mark. This also happens because nicotine can damage the fibres and connective tissues in the skin. Such marks also appear when one gains weight rapidly and smoking does cause flabby tummy. So, it’s always better to be on the safe side and quit smoking to let your skin continue to glow.

Bad breath

The stinky breath of smokers is so notorious than people generally avoid conversing with them. Even if bad breath may not directly impact the looks but its harms are equally severe nonetheless, given how smokers are made to feel embarrassment during conversations. If you want to talk to anyone confidently, smoking has to go. Bad breath is generally caused by dry mouth so you can stay hydrated by drinking plenty of liquid through the day and keep your breath fresh.

Tooth loss

Smokers are at greater risk than non-smokers for developing gum disease. They are not more likely to compromise with their oral care routine. And when gum disease develops, and one ignores dental hygiene, this together leads to tooth loss. If you want to keep your teeth healthy and disease-free, quit smoking and give ample focus on oral care. And if you even face tooth loss problem, you can always consult the dentist about zirconia crown price India and stay on the safe side.

Kim Hanieph

Kim Hanieph born on December 4, 1980, in California. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends. She has an experience of more than 5 years in writing & blogging.