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By KATE JOHNSONS 912 views

How to choose the best Sunglasses that Suits your Face

Sunglasses is one of the fashion accessories of many people with whom they do not part in the summer and winter. They emphasize style and help create the desired image. The main task of these ophthalmic products is to protect the eyes from sunlight and ultraviolet rays. Both men and women love sunglasses, especially in summer. But most people are not aware of fashion even, they confused in selection of the best sunglasses that suits their face perfectly. Use sunglasses should be without exception. There is a certain category of people to whom it is not advisable to pick up glasses from the sun, but it is necessary.

Optometrists recommend wearing sunglasses to people who regularly take diuretics and tranquilizers. The components that make up these drugs increase eye sensitivity to light and reduce the blocking properties of the lens. For such people, these ophthalmic products are not a stylish accessory. So, if you have a question: What Sunglasses Suit My Face then I am going to tell you how you can choose sunglasses according to the shape of your face. Get ready to note down my key tips for all face shapes.

Oval Face

Oval face

For the oval shape of the face, many different options for sunglasses are suitable, the main thing is to maintain harmonious proportions. It is best to give preference to such frames: butterfly glasses; rectangular, oval and round frames; “aviators”; “cat’s eyes”. But it is better to refuse girls with oval faces that are too massive and wide.

Square Face

Square face

Visually balance the proportions of the square shape of the face with massive sunglasses with a round or oval frame. It is best to give preference to “aviators”, drop-shaped frames; glasses with decorative elements on the upper edge, on the sides and on the arms; rimless glasses; colored frames. But with square glasses and frames with clear geometric shapes, girls with a square face should better refuse.

Heart Face

Girls with a heart-shaped face should give preference to small rounded frames with a narrow jumper and low-set arches. The emphasis should be on the bottom line of the glasses, the frame should not cover the eyebrows. You can also choose “aviators” and rimless glasses. But it is better to refuse large square frames of too bright colors.

Round face

Round face

The proportions of a round-shaped face are visually balanced by a dark-colored frame, in which the width prevails over the height. Also suitable for a round face: “cat’s eyes”, butterfly glasses, square frames, trapezium glasses, frames in bright colors and with decor. The emphasis should be on the top line of the glasses. In no case should you wear round-rimmed sunglasses?

Kate Johnsons

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