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Buying a Christmas tree is a very exciting activity for the family, but sometimes it is very easy to choose the right one since the market is full of options, therefore here you will find some important tips that you should take into account at the time of choosing a Christmas tree, in order to enjoy the moment without missing the variety of possibilities.

In the very first place, you should make up your mind if you want to buy an artificial Christmas tree or if you want to get a natural tree. If you want to buy a natural Christmas tree make sure to buy it from a shop where you can give it back to be replanted, thus you can use this opportunity to show to the smallest of the family the importance of environmental awareness.

The second step to choose the adequate Christmas tree is to consider the size of your house. If you have a lot of space in your living room then you should pick a big Christmas tree, the same thing if you have a small living room pick up a tree with an adequate size. Do not forget that proportions are important to get a balanced and elegant decoration. If the height of the room is less than two meters, the pick up a tree of 1.7 meters at most, if the height of your room is bigger than 2 meters, then a tree of 2.1 meters of height will be fine.

Look for the right place to situate your tree. The first detail that you should consider in this matter is to avoid placing your tree near a heat source (windows for the exposition to sunlight, fireplaces, radiators, and stoves), this is important for obvious reasons, to prevent a possible fire. Also, it is recommended to place it in a corner of the room far away from high traffic areas to prevent possible accidents since otherwise, someone may stumble on light cables, also avoid wobbly surfaces like an unstable table near the tree.

There are different types of trees, some of them are shorter and clumps and they usually have thick branches too close together. Some other trees are tall and thin with branches a little further apart. And there are also trees with a structure placed in the middle of the previous mentioned, it will depend on your taste to choose a tree of any of these types.

Color also varies on natural and artificial trees. There are live tones of green and there are trees with bluish green color, you should choose a color that can be combined with the color of your house. If you buy a natural tree try to buy it with a plant pot so it can be replanted, also get some information about the adequate lights for your tree in order to prevent damages during Christmas. Once you have made your election decorate your tree with love.

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