Maybe you are trying to find the perfect outfit for a formal event and all of your short-sleeve options are not cutting it. For special events and family occasions, you may require an outfit that has full coverage to be respectful and modest to go with the upscale atmosphere. Instead of wearing a pantsuit or high-waisted pants, let’s see a better option.

How can I wear a long sleeve maxi dress?

A long sleeve maxi dress is the perfect option for those who want a “dressier” option for an event without being too formal. Since a maxi dress is long, it fully covers your legs, and can be the perfect solution for a family event, ritzy dinner, or stroll through town. 

Read now to know the perfect way for wearing a long sleeve maxi dress.

Although a maxi dress can be the ideal solution for a fancy event, the beauty of a maxi dress is the ease and lack of effort. Wearing a long sleeve maxi dress during a chillier summer day means just throwing on a dress and you’re officially done choosing and putting on your outfit – simple as that! 

Toss on a furry coat 

For those who want to wear a long sleeve maxi dress in the colder winter months, layering a fur coat on top of the dress adds chic style and warmth. If you are walking around a city and need to remain warm with the harsh breezes and crisp air, layering a dramatic fur coat on top of a printed maxi is an eye-catching outfit. 

Top with a blazer and scarf

Heading to the office? Meeting your friends for lunch? Putting a blazer and chunky scarf on top of your long sleeve maxi dress are the perfect accessories for a fall or winter day. Even when you get to your destination, leaving the chunky scarf on is a fashionable and warm accessory for colder days. 

Wear a cropped jacket on top

If your long sleeve maxi dress is a turtleneck option, layering a cropped jacket is all the rage right now. By hitting you at the right spots, right at your hip bones, the cropped jacket will make your legs look super long – and everyone wants that.

Throw on a chunky sweater

During breezy fall days, wearing a chunky sweater over your long sleeve maxi dress can be all the layering you need to stay warm. Make sure you choose a sweater that can easily be taken off once you sit inside to grab a cup of coffee after an afternoon stroll.

Top with a moto jacket and scarf

For a sleek and stylish look, pair a single-colored long sleeve maxi dress with a small scarf and moto jacket for maximum “chicness.” An ideal city look for going to the office or out to get drinks post-work, this fashionable get-up is great for those who still want to show off their body in a long sleeve maxi dress.

Wear pants underneath

If your long sleeve maxi dress has a very high slit on the side, wearing bright-colored pants underneath can add a pop of color and style to a plain-colored maxi. Pair your two-toned look with a bright purse and sunglasses for a New York-chic look. 


Wearing a long sleeve maxi dress is perfect for the colder winter months, fall season, springtime looks, or cold summer nights. With the versatility to wear all year round, this timeless piece can easily be paired with a fur coat, cropped jacket, moto jacket, pants, chunky scarves, or blazer to achieve the desired look. 

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