6 Tips on How to Safely Travel Alone

Traveling alone is not always a frightening experience. When you will go on a solo trip, you will have the opportunity to find a lot of new places, friends, and impressions. But sometimes people forget that they are in a foreign country and lose their vigilance. In this article, we gathered six tips on how to safely travel alone.

1. Learn vital phrases in the language of the country where you are going

Of course, you hope that every person in the world can understand English. But the reality is that a lot of people all over the world don’t speak or understand the English language. In an emergency situation, you may not be able to use a translator or dictionary. That’s why it is important to learn at least the most basic and common phrases that will help you find the nearest hospital, call the police or simply being able to communicate with people during an emergency.

2. It’s ok to lie

Good relationships with the locals during your trip can be useful. But if their questions are inconvenient, you can lie or not disclose everything about yourself. Locals can ask about your marital status, the place you’re staying at or with whom you are traveling. But you need to know that this kind of personal information can be used against you even if you think that this is just them being friendly. That’s why it is better to avoid truthful answers in order to keep yourself safe. 

3. Be careful when ordering food

Some travelers prefer to order American food such as burgers or pizza because they think that it is much safer than eating the local dishes. The kitchen staff doesn’t always know how to store or handle this type of food which may lead to indigestion or even more severe illnesses. Moreover, such foods are usually ordered by tourists so the quality standards may not be very high. That’s why it is important to be mindful when ordering food because food poisoning is the last thing you want when traveling.

4. Provide someone with information about your schedule

If you are traveling alone, you should always inform someone of your hotel, flight information and ways your relatives or friends can reach you. Another useful tip is to check-in daily on your social networks. This can be helpful in tracking you if something bad happens. You should also find out where the U.S. Embassy or Consulate is located in case you lose some documents.

5. Don’t act recklessly

Traveling alone is not the best time to lower your barriers. You may feel more freedom because no one knows you there and you can avoid judgment from your family or friends. But your reckless behavior may result in a bunch of problems (like robbery or legal issues) or even diseases. It doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice adventure, but be careful in order to be safe and avoid the need for STD testing

6. Be respectful to the culture and traditions

Before you start to pack your suitcases for your trip abroad, make sure that you know how to properly dress there. There are countries that have strict rules about the length of the sleeve or dress you wear. In some places like churches, mosques or temples you should cover your head and sometimes arms or feet. Be ready that locals may not like your appearance if you are not dressed the way they are. Moreover, tourists and foreigners usually receive less sympathy and support in critical situations. That’s why it is better to buy some clothes in local shops or markets to more easily merge with the local population.

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