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Most of us don’t have to wear cufflinks for work, but I know for a fact that some of you have to. If you have a strict dress code to adhere to when you’re in the office, here are some tips on how you can boost up a simple (and probably boring) office look into a stylish one, by wearing a pair of awesome cufflinks.

For Your White Work Shirt

I think it’s safe to say that we all own a classic white button down shirt, but I don’t think many of you tried to match it up with a pair of cufflinks. Wearing cufflinks isn’t as tricky as you think it would be, particularly when you have a neutral base colour such as white.

Because the colour of your shirt is neutral, you can easily experiment with patterns and colours when it comes to your cufflinks. Playing around with different design elements allows you to show your own personal style and create a look that’s different from the rest.

For Your Blue Work Shirt

When you’re wearing a coloured work shirt, you’ll want to choose a pair of cufflinks that are within the same colour pallet to that of your shirt. So if you have a light blue shirt on, then opt for a cufflink that has a deeper blue shade to it; this is to counteract the shirt without being too overboard.

For Your Pink Work Shirt

Once again, when you have to wear a coloured shirt for work, you should pair it with cufflinks that have the same colour pallet as the shirt you’re wearing. However, when you’re pink, choosing a pair of cufflinks that would still look nice without being too flashy can be a bit of a challenge. So where does this leave you? Go for a classic silver pair with a ‘little twist’ for that subtle yet stylish look.

Bonus: Bespoke Cufflinks For Casual Occasion

You may think that you cannot use cufflinks when wearing an informal look, but you’ve never been so mistaken. Wearing a pair of cufflinks, especially when they’re bespoke, is very easy to do even with a casual outfit.

Try wearing a laid back striped shirt and a navy tweed blazer over the top. Match those two with a pair of denim jeans and your best brown loafers for good measure— and lastly, top it off with a pair of bespoke silver cufflinks with your engraved initials on it.

If you have a work shirt that you want to wear a pair of cufflinks with, but can’t—you can always go to a tailor and have it modified to your liking. But then again, wearing cufflinks entirely depends on what shirt you’re wearing.


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