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certified HR Professional
By NITI SHARMA 3,488 views

Significance of HR Certifications and Their Long-Term Benefits

In a market with surrounded by competition and unemployment, there are many reasons why human resources certifications matters to most industries. It is one of the core department of an organization. Human resources are considered as the lifeline of a company without which businesses will be at stake. HR professionals play a major role in terms of taking the responsibility of hiring the right candidate. Not just onboarding of relevant talent in an organization but even retaining such employees is their core responsibility.

To stay intact with the ongoing market scenario, taking up HR certification is probably the best option at present. As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be around 9% growth for human resources professionals by the year 2024. Likewise, as competition rises to fill in the demanded job roles in the HR field so will the candidates having HR certifications be preferred by potential employers.

Human Resources Then and Now

It is an undenied fact that businesses will be in constant need for employees with the upgraded skillset. After all, businesses are made up of people and the success of the business will always be tied upon the skills of the employees. But, there has been a drastic shift in the human resources field and the expectations have increased with the change in the work environment.

If you look past at how human resources were a decade back, you’ll be able to see distinct changes and the difference can be measured widely. Previously, HR managers and leaders were more focused on building compliance and dealt with legal issues. However, today things have become very different. The department has shifted their focus towards becoming strategic partners within the company itself. They are now focused towards working closely with top executive departments to bring in results that would prove beneficial to the company with positive results. This is only possible when the hiring is done in the right manner by having the right target recruiting, and by putting their entire focus on retention and development of employee skills and talents.

Benefits of taking up HR certification

It is often considered a pride when you’re able to showcase skills and talents based on the recent industry trends. The involvement of HR professionals has now become multi-varied with different job roles that are in demand by the job market. Thus, it is crucial for candidates to possess certain skillsets, having said, HR certification or global HR certifications are proven valuable by potential employers and recruiting managers.

Here’s why candidates should get an HR certification:

  • Better job opportunities – research predicted that candidates with certifications are preferred by the industry. It is a proven fact that certified professionals are well equipped with the latest skills and remain competitive in a changing work environment. Moreover, due to digitization, HR roles are becoming strategic and technical, hence, adapting to newer technologies is a challenge.
  • Higher compensation – being an HR certified professional will definitely boost your earning potential. And with newer job roles in the market, employers will need candidates with multiple skillsets.
  • Increased job scenario – as organizations are moving towards becoming strategic so will the demand for HR leaders, generalists and managers increase. And as predicted, there will be a 9% growth in the HR industry by 2024, enabling professionals with certifications to stand out among the rest of the crowd.
  • Updated skillset – currently the human resources field have advanced in a manner that they’re way ahead of how it used to be a decade back where they were restricted to administrative tasks. The HRs of today hold strong responsibility that includes high-level planning, consulting with top executives to strategize the right direction, and shaping key policies, etc. HR certification or a global HR certification definitely equips you with the updated skill set and the knowledge needed by the current industry.

To stay in sync with what is going around in the HR industry, gaining knowledge through certifications is a good way to start. The new world economy has instigated all successful businesses to step up their game. In a nutshell, the skillsets have changed and only the ones having an upgradation in their career will survive.

Niti Sharma

Niti Sharma is a professional writer, a blogger who writes for a variety of online publications. She is also an acclaimed blogger outreach expert and content marketer. She loves writing blogs and promoting websites related to the education and technology sectors.

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