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The role of the HR department is critical for the growth of an organization in our time. The main reason for this is that it can hire quality HR for fulfilling the different duties in the organization according to the changing technological trends. The technologies are changing in every business process, as new advanced software is now utilized by the organization to have better productivity. It can also define various job descriptions like Government jobs in Pakistan today, this can be great for improving the productivity of the organization. The increasing role of the HR department is critical for better productivity and for performance. The HR department is not only hiring the people for the organization, they also need to develop a job structure for every post, for example, what should the salary for a particular post be?

In this article, we are going to determine various roles of the HR department in a modern organization:

Define the Job Description:

Defining job responsibilities are critical for an organization to grow in this age of digitalization. The main reason for their increasing role is the changing nature of the technology in an organization. For example, there are different software and languages that are going to be used in the accounting department, you need to hire HR, and know the latest technology is being used in the accounting software. 

This can be only done if you have defined the basic responsibilities for the job, this can help you to hire an employee which has the skills required to run the company’s accounting software. If you are going to hire an employee on the basis of his accounting abilities.

It may be possible he finds it difficult to run the accounting software, as he never worked in such software before, in this situation you need to introduce a training session for the newly hired employees. So defining a job description is the basic responsibility of the HR department.

The Compensation Plan for Employees:

The compensation plan for each post is important, it motivates the employees to perform the duty sincerely. When you declare different incentives for a particular task or achieve the target. IT rejuvenates the employees to do their best to achieve those targets. IT is your responsibility to provide the facilities and the environment, where they can produce the best individual result for the organization and also for themselves. 

For this, the HR department can arrange various official parties, where the HR department can provide the extra gifts and commission cheques to the employees who achieved their targets in the past year. This would encourage the other employees, you are providing incentives for employees. It would also make a sense of competition, then they would try to work more professionally to produce the best result for the organization. This would help the organization in producing better profitability.

It would also be encouraging for the new employees, that you can find the real returns of your efforts if you are doing better in your duty. It is all the responsibility of the HR department to create such a conducive environment with the help of management. For this the HR department should arrange a meeting to discuss such matters, the competitive environment can encourage even less productive employees to work for the betterment of the organization.

The Training of the Employees:

 You can’t present your newly hired employees in front of the customers, they can find the employee is not trained enough to properly conduct the organization processes. This can be bad for the organization’s reputation, to cope with this situation there should be a proper training session for the new employees and the responsibility of the HR department. Training the new employee can be critical, as it provides the newly appointed employees to weather the environment of the organization.

It also helps to mold the skillset of the employees according to the desire of the management. The management is always facing many challenges, they always want employees who are efficient. This is essential as the employees are going to use the organization’s resources to produce a product or service, if they are not properly trained it can be difficult for the organization to become profitable organization.

Designing the training session and how you can transfer the knowledge on how to produce the product according to the SOPs. If your employees are properly, they can help to gather better profitability for the organization.


The role of the HR department has become more crucial for an organization’s productivity. If you have a talented workforce, you can be competitive in the marketplace and can earn the best return on investment(ROI), this can help to manage your balance sheet. The HR department should always be curious to improve the overall productivity of the organization. Comparison with your competitor can be best for your strategy formation of the future.


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