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By SHY LEE 1,069 views

How HR Solution Helps You To Increase Employee Engagement

Employee engagement being key to employee retention, it becomes necessary to achieve it in the company regardless of the number of employees. Employee engagement can be achieved by developing employee satisfaction and freeing them up from the daunting task, which is being possible with the evolution of technology. In the last few decades, the implementation of technology in the processes, including daily routines, have increased. It has optimized the processes and has made them easy. Technology has a great impact on business processes, especially on those which included paperwork. Digitization converted on the manual on paper processes to the ones that are associated with computer or machines.

Further, with the implementation of advanced technologies like cloud, mobile, artificial intelligence, GPS, and much more have streamlined the processes and have raised the bar of process simplification. With the simplified processes, the burden on employees and HR of the repetitive and daunting task have been eradicated and has empowered them to do more of productive work. Unlike the conventional system, the HR software has helped the employer and manager to analyze and improvise employee engagement, policies, and processes to provoke more sustainable growth in the company.        

Employee Self-Service

Giving the authorization to employees of accessing data can boost the employees’ morale as with the increase in transparency, they get ensured that no favoritism exists, and they are paid fairly and accurately. They can keep track of tee authenticity of their data will be used for salary calculation without the HR intervention. The time consumption in the processes is also reduced as the employees are not bound to access the data only from the defined systems and only during office hours. They have access to data with no boundaries of device, time, and place, all thanks to cloud technology.

The assistance of employees is important to factor as the HR manager cannot ignore or suppress the employee’s question as they have no time to address them due to the overburden of work. Chatbot provided by the HR software is capable of assisting the employees with all of their repetitive queries. Including the procedures of leave and attendance application and also help the employees to download payslips and IT statement on their phones.    

Performance Management

The productivity of the employees hints a lot about their engagement in the task they do and the satisfaction they have toward the organization. Conventional methods of human resource management were incapable of fetching the employee activities, the tasks allocated to them, their goals, time consumption in the task and more that could have helped the organizations to understand the reason behind their lesser involvement in the task.

HR software consists of a performance management system that enables the employer and manager to get the in-depth insight of the employees’ productivity and contribution by defining their goals, allowing them to define goals, defining their KRA/KPI and more to know the contribution in the task. Further, the employees can be divided into good performers and underperformers, the sole reason behind bifurcating them is to analyze the reason behind their underperformance and to try to help them by providing training, consultation and more. The employees on receiving motivation from the company rather than a bad response seem to develop a feeling of satisfaction and improvise their engagement.     

Accurate Payroll

Employees either high tier designation or lower tier are concerned about the salary they receive, they seem to get frustrated when they receive an untimely or inaccurate salary. When using the conventional system, this scenario seems to happen often, it affects employee engagement and also increases employee turnover. Payroll processing is one of the most complex processes of all in the company, it requires a large amount of data to be fetched, managed, and processed to calculate salary, including the government norms i.e., statutory compliance. The conventional system included much of data feeding as in manual data processing and linking, ‘It’s humane of manual processes to be error-prone. This error can cause a lot of tricky mistakes in the payroll. Using an HR software will eradicate these errors by automating the processes and avoiding the data feeding until it can get fetched from other modules. Integration with automatically link the modules with the payroll modules and enable the manager for accurate and speedy payroll processing. The employees can be ensured to get on time and error-free salary every month and thereby keep them happy and their engagement intact.  

Shy Lee

Shy Lee is an Associate Digital Marketing Manager at factoHR , a India based hr and payroll software solution providers. A creative marketing strategist with over 8 years of experience developing digital marketing strategies and guiding business development