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When living in a coastline city like Miami, it is not weird to keep a close eye on the weather forecasts for any storms coming your way. The US sees extensive damage every year due to hurricanes, with Florida being among the top 10 states with hurricane activity. So, there is no surprise that many Floridians try to protect their homes against natural disasters via fixtures. If you are one of those wishing to hurricane-proof your house, here are seven ways to do it.

  1. Install hurricane windows

During a storm, windows are especially vulnerable, perhaps the most prone to damage. Therefore, it is always better to reinforce them with storm shutters and film and caulking to keep the water from entering. Better yet, invest in heavily framed hurricane windows Miami stores sell that resist breakage.

  1. Strengthen the Roof

In Florida, even at 50 miles per hour winds roof can be blown off without high-impact roofing. You can strengthen your house by opting for metallic materials like steel or aluminum for your roof. Another way to protect the roofing is by getting architectural shingles that can last 20-30 years and withstand wind of 120 miles per hour.

  1. Protect the Entry Points

Garage doors are one of the most significant entry points in your homes. During a hurricane, they are vulnerable without vertical storm braces or metal panes protecting them. For more effective protection, opt for a heavy-duty garage door with higher wind-resistance.

  1. Secure the HVAC System

Your HVAC system can be damaged during a storm, as well. Make sure to have regular maintenance and keep it clean to avoid this. Moreover, during a hurricane, prevent damage by shutting off the circuit breakers and thermostat.

  1. Last-minute Prep for a Storm

Hurricane-proofing your house beforehand is all good. However, when the storm is over your head, make sure you do last-minute prep like keeping all the doors and windows closed and securing loose items outside.

  1. Have these things Handy

When you experience frequent storms, you need to have these things handy:

  • Sump pump for basement flooding
  • Surge protector for your devices
  • Home generator for backup
  • Water barriers for diverting water
  • Disaster emergency kits
  1. Basic Maintenance Work

Aside from hurricane proofing your house with reinforced windows and doors, make sure to do the essential maintenance works like chopping rotten trees and cleaning the gutter.


Hurricanes can be deadly for your homes. However, with the right precautions and reinforcements, you can minimize the damage your adobe entails. Whichever proofing methods you choose or even if you do all of them, make sure you have them inspected by professionals to know if they are useful. Here is to staying safe during storms!

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