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Most parents and students stumble to these types of articles for two reasons – the first is because of expat status and the other is the better learning opportunity. The International Diploma Baccalaureate Programme or IB DP offers an alternative to basic college preparatory classes. For learners, researching and summer preparation can increase their performance once school begins.

Let’s tackle this article as if it were talking to a student taking the IB program. If you’re a parent reading this, you can easily and share what you learned as well.

Choose your Path  

The IB diploma program ​ is currently the most common high-school level IB program. The requirements conform to international standards and comprise the completion of rigorous classes across a variety of subjects. The program entails two long-form essays and extracurricular projects that are created to encourage engagement with the world.

Some high schools also offer individual IB courses, which includes Advanced Placement program, end-of-year IB exams provide college credits. IB exams, unlike AP tests, are available only to individuals enrolled in related classes.

Individual IB courses can enhance college applications without fully committing to a full IB diploma. It’s worth noting that this program provides students with incredible learning.

Study the Curriculum

Regardless of your preferred IB path, you can use the summer as the perfect time to prepare for your classes. Begin by finding a course syllabus for the previous year’s class if the current years aren’t available.

Teachers are likely willing to provide these documents. If the class has a lot of reading assignments, try starting that reading now. You may also review past IB exams as well since those can be available to students. Consult with the teacher about this. ​

Become organizational. The IB program includes comprehensive, large-format projects. If you’re looking to take it on, you must consider the long production times necessary for the 4,000-word extended essay. It’s wise to set interim goals for completion of the outline, a first draft, a second draft, and a final version.

The regular course work organizational system is linked to the syllabus, so your focus needs to be on long-term planning for both book reading and writing.

Prepare for Diploma Components

If you’re looking to pursue an IB diploma, use the summertime if possible. Begin by reading up on the Theory of Knowledge requirement. This will prevent confusion during the school year if you already know its components come September.

Extended essays are also a requirement of the program. Comprehensive writing is beyond the scope but starting yours early in your IB experience will benefit you with more revision time.

Lastly, the creativity, action and service project take hours of independent work beyond the standard academic requirements. Summer is early for choosing and starting your first project, but you can still begin with brainstorming.

To quickly sum, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is a curriculum pursued after the completion of Grade 10, ‘O’ levels or equivalent. It offers balanced exposure to academics, a better understanding of the world and getting a great foundation for university life.

Pursuing an IB DP is an amazing opportunity, but your benefits from it will equal your commitment to it. Best of luck!

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