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Concrete topping is one of the most popular types of flooring technique in modern construction. The structure of the flooring has layers of concrete toppings. These extra tops are responsible for protecting the floor from abrasion and cracks even if the floor surface has to hold heavy loads. That is why many builders prefer concrete topping slab to other materials when it comes to constructing floors in commercial buildings. Floor decals go by many names, including floor graphics and floor stickers. They are permanent or temporary adhesive-backed vinyl product that you can apply to flat surfaces. Let’s check out other valid reasons why this flooring technique is considered the best option.

1) Easy to apply

When you look for sustainable flooring that requires a short time preparation, you cannot look for other options like hardwood that takes too much time to install. The concrete topping, on the other hand, needs a straight out preparation. Since there is no need for extra adhesive of supporting agents, the focus will be on the floor itself. Professionals from the flooring company will visit the construction site and inspect the ground. If they find any irregularity like a hole or void on the surface, they will apply concrete in the affected area to obtain proper bonding in the layers. When the surface cools down, they will apply the micro-topping layer.

2) Elegant

You may be able how to walk in the dark when you are home because you know the floor structure and the design of the room. However, an uneven or cracked floor can cause falls and injuries for people who are not familiar with the place. A commercial place should be attractable and welcoming, ensuring customers feel comfortable when they walk in. While walls and ceilings are used for adorning extra decoration items to catch eyes, visitors will feel the floor at their very first step. The smooth surface of concrete topping floors can convince them by providing comfort for their feet and the feast for the eyes as well.

3) Sustainability

When you make create a budget for reconstructing or repairing a concrete floor, spending extra money on new materials can be the least option. Whether you are building a shopping center or an office building, you can eliminate the idea of investing in wood planks or synthetic materials to install the layers. This flooring technique allows you to renovate an existing floor or construct a new one using only a few materials that are meant for concrete moisture barrier installation. The mixture of concrete will easily go down into the underlayment without applying extra force.

4) Versatility

When we talk about concrete toping, you may think the flooring method is strictly enforced for commercial places only. In reality, this flooring is applicable anywhere thanks to its versatile property and beautiful appearance. Besides commercial projects, you can also consider the concrete topping floor for garage, living room, kitchen, and other general indoor surfaces.

When you want to liquidize your asset like a building, you may require a restore of the structure. Even if other parts of the building need renovation, concrete topping slab floor will retain its strength after a long time.

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