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Immigration is a major decision in anyone’s life and there is a lot to think about. This includes settling in a new country and supporting your family, settling in the new culture, etc. Amongst all these questions, you would be thinking, “Is this the right time to immigrate to Canada?”. Well, we are here to give you a detailed description of migration if you are planning your Canada immigration from Dubai or Canada immigration from Abu Dhabi.

 With uncertainty all around, it is quite natural to have this fear of migrating to a new country. In this article, we will explore the advantages, job conditions, and migration options to illustrate why now is a particularly good time to immigrate to Canada. In 2021, Canada is ready to invite more than 400,000 immigrants and we are sure that you would want to be one of them. If this sounds exciting to you, it is the right time to apply for your Canada pr from dubai or Canada pr from abu dhabi.

Let us find out why it is the perfect time to immigrate to Canada in 2021

Land of Opportunities

Canada offers a wide range of opportunities for its citizens and migrants from education to employment and healthcare. Doesn’t matter if you are a tradesman, registered nurse, or an IT engineer, Canada has enough job opportunities for everyone. If you are looking to migrate to Canada for employment reasons alone, you can apply for your Canada work permit from Dubai or Canada work permit from Abu Dhabi. Studying in Canada can also open the doors for a better future for you. Once you finish your education, you get an opportunity to apply for a temporary work visa and finally apply for a permanent residency in Canada.

Open Borders for migrants

Most countries including the US and the UK have closed their border for temporary workers but Canada continues its pro-immigration policy. This allows migrants from the agriculture and meat industry as well to apply for a job in Canada. Just because immigration is prohibited currently, doesn’t mean it has closed permanently. In fact, this is the best time to submit your application and get a chance to get your permanent residency or work-permit as soon as the borders open for migrants. Even with Covid-19 restrictions, Canada is inviting 4000-5000 immigrants in every round through their Express Entry system. If you think you qualify as a temporary or permanent worker, you must contact one of the best immigration consultancy for Canada in Dubai today.


Last year, we saw that healthcare is one of the most important necessities of a country and Canada has been known for its world-class healthcare around the world. That is because as a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen, you and your family do not need to pay a single dollar for public healthcare in Canada. If you are planning to migrate to Canada but are worried about your health, you can get in touch with one of the best consultancy in Dubai for Canada. You will get all the information about free public healthcare and even affordable private healthcare in Canada.

High Standard of Living

Canada is well known for its high standard of living and quality of life in general. This is due to the free public healthcare system and education, low unemployment, and crime rates. It is the best option for professionals and their families to lead a good life without any worries. The country is also well known for work satisfaction and a good work-life balance protecting the rights of its employees. Moreover, all major cities have an excellent food culture, nightlife and art museums, etc. It is also a good time to consult one of the best immigration consultants for Canada in Dubai and take a call on your migration to a better life in Canada.

Multicultural Society

Canada has a cosmopolitan demographic and hence people from all cultures around the world feel welcome in the country. You are free to pursue your cultural beliefs and religion in Canada but make sure not to disturb the harmony of other communities. Having said that, you will have different places of worship and have multiple community organisations that you can join and feel at home.

Wrapping Up

We understand that migrating to Canada or any foreign country can be confusing and complicated if you do not have access to the right resources or information. However, if you feel that you want to give a shot at a better quality of life then you must contact one of the best Canadian immigration consultants dubai and start your process right away. We hope that the above points can help you make an informed decision as the best time to immigrate to Canada is now.

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